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In the entertainment world, it’s rare to find a marriage that is actually able to stand the test of time. That’s what makes the 20-year marriage of Chip and Joanna Gaines so special.

‘Times When All Hope Felt Lost’

In a new essay for Magnolia, Joanna opened up about her marriage, admitting that she and Chip have weathered some tough times over the years.

“In our 20 years of marriage, Chip and I have experienced a little bit of all of it,” Joanna wrote. “Losing a loved one. Shifts in friendships. Bills we couldn’t pay. Moments where our hearts were broken. Times when all hope felt lost and circumstances were out of our control. When all I could think to do was lay face down on the floor in surrender.”

Joanna went on to say that one of the “heartbreaking things” is that they’re preparing to send their oldest son Drake, 18, to college.

“In the grand scheme of heartbreaking things, this one comes with a lot of gratitude and excitement,” she explained. “But still, my first child is moving away, and our family dynamic will change because of it, and that can feel like a loss of its own. I catch glimpses now of what that life will look like and wonder if—or how many times—that might bring me to the floor.”

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Chip Discusses Being A Good Husband And Father

Joanna and Chip, who are also parents to Ella Rose, 15, Duke, 14, Emmie Kay, 12, and Crew, 4, will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary in May of next year. Around the time of his 18th wedding anniversary in 2021, Chip opened up about how he remains dedicated to being a loving father and husband.

“When I look out across the whole landscape of my little corner of the world, there are plenty of places where I fall short,” Chip said at the time, according to People Magazine. “I’m known to be easily distracted, for one thing. In general, me and time have this way of losing track of one another. And sometimes, I can let some of the commitments I’ve made slip through my hands.”

“But there are other commitments—the big ones—that I hold on to with everything I’ve got” he continued. “Honoring Jo, being a good dad, my faith, trying to do what’s right even when it’s not easy, building something that helps other people. Those are commitments I’ve made that I won’t compromise. My non-negotiables.”

“No matter how much the details and circumstances of my life may change, and no matter what storms come my way, you watch: I’m going to get those right,” Chip concluded. 

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Joanna’s Exciting Announcement 

Earlier this week, Joanna announced the release of her first solo memoir: “The Stories We Tell,” which is set to come out on November 8. 

“Jo’s new book, The Stories We Tell, invites us on an authentic and deeply vulnerable journey into her story — and helps shine a light on the beauty of our own — guiding us to release the weights that hold us back so we may live and share our story in truth,” its official description reads.

Joanna and Chip continue to be inspirations to millions of fans in so many ways. We can’t wait to read Joanna’s new book, and we wish them many years of happiness as a couple together in the years to come!

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