Monday Night Raw

Triple H continues to change things, great and small, in the new WWE era. Some old lingo is new again, and the mystery of Dexter Lumis deepens. 

Here are a few details you may have missed. 

Is Rhea Ripley the Leader of the Judgement Day? 

Raw’s newest evil faction, The Judgement Day, has had its sites focused on breaking up the Mysterio family. It culminated last week when Rhea Ripley beat up Dominik, leaving him a bloody heap on the entrance ramp. 

And then we saw the entrance for this week. Ripley was the group’s center and the first one to speak in the opening segment. 

So, is Rhea now the leader? I think she is. She is the one with the most upside and the most untapped potential. WWE is treating her like a legit threat to men or women, something we haven’t seen since Chyna or even Beth Phoenix. 

Now, I don’t think we will see Rhea wrestle a man. That would probably be a bit too far for most people. But it does open opportunities to build Rhea as the top woman on RAW and the top woman to confront Bianca Belair. 

“Ezkeiel Taken To A Hosptial”

Another tiny but noticeable change by the HHH regime? Jimmy Smith mentioned in a segment that Ezekiel had been taken to a “hospital.” What’s notable here is that “hospital” was a banned word under the notoriously germophobic Vince McMahon, hence the ridiculous-sounding “medical facility.”

And then there’s Drew yelling, “WRESTLERS IN A WRESTLING RING!”

More Lumis Chaos backstage

Dexter Lumis is one of the hottest wrestlers right now, and they haven’t even said his name once. 

There’s also the matter of the trash fire.

Remember when Theory got kidnapped by Lumis in NXT?

And then Lumis showed up and jumped the barricade during AJ Styles’ US Title match.

At this rate, we should expect Lumis to hit the ring next week. 

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