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The world is still reeling from the death of the Hollywood star Anne Heche, who died earlier this month at the age of 53 after crashing her car into a house in Los Angeles at nearly 90 miles per hour.

Now, the country music star Trace Adkins is opening up about recently working with Heche in the movie 13 Minutes, which was one of her final projects. It was released before her passing. 

‘She Was So Energetic’

“My time with Anne was way too short,” Adkins told Fox News. “I met her and got to work with her and spent a couple of weeks with her and just enjoyed every minute of it.”

Released in October of 2021 13 Minutes is an action movie about four families after a tornado leaves them with just 13 minutes to find shelter. You can check out a trailer for the movie below.

Adkins recalled that the energy that Heche brought to the set helped inspire everyone to perform better.

“She was so energetic,” Adkins said. “I mean, the energy that she brought into the room with her was just — it was just infectious, you know. And she just brought everybody up a little bit when she would come on set. I enjoyed working with her, and it’s just tragic. It’s tragic. I hate that I won’t get to work with her again.”

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‘I Enjoyed Every Minute I Got To Spend With Her’

Adkins had previously paid tribute to Heche on Twitter after her death was announced.

“I’m thankful that this road led me to cross paths with Anne,” Adkins wrote. “I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with her. Her energy was infectious and I thought she was adorable. Ride the wind, darlin.'”

Heche’s Death

On August 5, Heche made headlines when she crashed her car into a house in the Mar Vista section of Los Angeles at nearly 90 miles per hour. The crash caused a fire that ultimately destroyed the home she crashed into.

Heche’s rep later confirmed that the actress went into a coma and never regained consciousness. She suffered a “severe anoxic brain injury” and remained unconscious while being cared for on life support at the Grossman Burn Center in West Hills for the opportunity to donate her organs through the OneLegacy Foundation.

“It has long been her choice to donate her organs and she’s being kept on life support to determine if any are viable,” her representative said at the time. 

After being declared brain dead on August 11, Heche was “peacefully taken off” off life support on Aug. 14. Toxicology reports found that while there was no alcohol in Heche’s system, there was cocaine in her blood. However, the LAPD called off its DUI investigation into the crash after Heche passed away. 

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Adkins’ New Show

Adkins opened up about his time with Heche while promoting his new FOX television show “Monarch,” which is a musical drama following a leading family in country music. You can check out a trailer for that show in the video below.

We can only imagine how Adkins and her other loved ones are feeling right now. Please join us in saying a prayer for those who were close to Heche as they continue to grieve her loss. 

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