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Erin Murphy grew up playing Tabatha on the hit sitcom “Bewitched” alongside the legendary Elizabeth Montgomery from 1966 until the show came to an end in 1972. Now 58 years-old, Murphy is opening up about whether or not she’d be up for appearing in a reboot of the beloved show. 

Murphy Reveals If She’d Do A Reboot Of ‘Bewitched’

“If they ever did a great script, and it had all the right people behind it, good casting director, all that, I would be open to the idea,” Murphy told Fox News

“There’s been a lot of talks, basically my entire life, about doing a ‘Bewitched’ reboot, and I think if the script were ever great that it should be done,” she added. 

Murphy previously revealed in 2019 that a reboot of “Bewitched” had been discussed many times over the years.

“They’ve been talking about it since I was probably 18,” she said at the time. “We’ve talked about it and years ago. I was almost ready to do it and then the script wasn’t quite right.”

“It’s hard because the show was so good and a lot of times people do reboots just to kind of get out there and make a little extra money,” Murphy continued. “But I feel like the show was good and it’s done.”

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Murphy Left Show Business After ‘Bewitched’

After “Bewitched” came to an end, Murphy essentially retired from acting for decades, though she has made some film and television appearances in recent years. 

“I have a family. So I kind of made a lot of decisions based on having kids and what jobs I could do and still be home to get them to school and home from school,” she said. “I think most of my decisions were formed by being a parent.”

“I’ve always had a really good balance,” she added. “When I was on ‘Bewitched,’ I still had breaks from the show where I was a normal kid and now I have just the right amount of fame where I could go to the Emmys and some of the fun things but I can still be incognito too. So it’s a good balance.”

Murphy elaborated on leaving acting in another interview in which she talked about some things she did instead of acting as she grew older. 

“I was offered jobs right after ‘Bewitched’ and I turned them down,” Murphy told Closer Weekly. “I went to Girl Scout camp instead of doing a part on ‘The Waltons.’ So I kind of walked away from the business. [My family] moved down to Orange County and I continued to go up to LA when there were guaranteed jobs, but I stopped doing the crazy auditions where I’d be sitting in a room with a hundred kids who looked just like me being rejected.”

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Murphy Still Gets Recognized 

Though it’s been decades since “Bewitched” ended, Murphy said that she still gets recognized by fans at times. 

“Shockingly that does happen!” she exclaimed. “Fans come up to me and say how much they love the show: ‘Oh my gosh, we loved you. We grew up with you,’ that kind of thing.”

Watch Murphy talk more about making “Bewitched” in the video below.

As for where her character of Tabitha would be today, Murphy thinks they would probably have similar lives. 

“I think she would be a mom maybe living by the beach,” she said with a laugh. “I kind of feel like I have her life now. So definitely a mom, probably using her magic a little more than her mom did.”

“Bewitched” is a show that continues to bring joy to millions of fans even fifty years after it ended. If a reboot is in the cards, we certainly hope that Murphy would be a part of it, as it wouldn’t be the same without her! 

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