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Stella Parton, the younger sister of the country music legend Dolly Parton, is siding with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry over the British royal family, which she is comparing to a “toxic waste heap.”

Stella Stands With Meghan

Stella took to Twitter to double down on recent comments she made trashing the royal family, saying that they are “jealous” of Meghan and Harry.

“Yes, I said it and I think more people should speak out when they see phony people in high places thinking their snooty behavior is ok,” Stella wrote alongside an article about her comments. “I also think it’s very telling of Meghan’s sister to change her name back to Markle then use it to trash her little half sister.”

Stella was referring to Meghan’s claim that her half-sister Samantha only changed her name back to Markle after she began dating Harry. However, Samantha has denied this and is suing Meghan for defamation, alleging that she has used the name Markle for her entire life. 

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Dolly Might Not Agree

Based on a story Dolly told about meeting Queen Elizabeth, it seems that she might not agree with her sister.

“That was a great moment. I thought, it’s like I’m not a star worshiper,” Dolly told interviewer Nancy Brooks, “but as a kid, I was always intrigued by the Kings and Queens, and I always loved the magazines and the books and their costumes and all.”

Then again, maybe things of changed. Stella certainly has a lot to say about the royal family.

Stella Fawns Over Meghan

This came after Stella issued a lengthy defense of Meghan, who she described as “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” “talented,” and “brilliant.”

“I don’t blame Harry for manning up and getting his family away from that toxic waste heap,” Stella said, according to The Express

Stella went on to make the backlash that Harry and Meghan have received all about race. How original. 

“Harry committed a Cardinal sin, he married a mixed race, beautiful, American woman. Had he chosen a wife like his father did, no one would have had a problem,” she continued. “When those kids walked into that church everyone was jealous and treated Harry and his gorgeous, talented, brilliant wife like outcasts. I smell jealousy a mile away.”

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Stella Attacks Royal Family

Bashing the royal family seems to be a favorite pastime of Stella’s, as she took to Twitter to do just that on Saturday. 

“I will never waste time watching the Royals hobbling out in those musty ole costumes looking like they’ve stepped out of a Charles Dickens story,” she tweeted. “In East Tennessee, we have saying for how they’ve treated Meghan; ‘stepping over dollar bills to pick up horse s***!'”

However, Stella was singing a different tune last month, when she sent Queen Elizabeth a personal video message for her Platinum Jubilee, which celebrated her record-breaking seventy years on the British throne.

“I just wanted to congratulate you on your Platinum Jubilee and your 70th year as monarch,” Stella said in the video, according to Newsweek

‘I Just Wanted To Say Thank You’

“So I just wanted to say thank you for being wonderful and you are more than pearls, and you are more than platinum, you have been a shining diamond in this world for so long and everybody loves you, and I will always love you too,” she added. 

It seems that Stella, who has spent much of her life in the shadow of her sister Dolly, needs to make up her mind about whose side she’s on when it comes to Meghan and Harry vs. the royal family. 

It should be noted that since stepping down as senior royals back in 2020, Meghan and Harry have seemingly bashed the royal family every chance that they have gotten, making it impossible for the Queen and her other relatives to trust them. Perhaps Stella should factor that into her way of thinking, instead of making this situation all about race and victimhood for Meghan. 

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