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Julie Andrews has played many iconic roles throughout her decades-long career, but one of her most beloved ones is undoubtedly that of Maria Von Trapp in the legendary 1965 film The Sound Of Music. Fans are so in love with her role in this film that they would likely be surprised to learn that she nearly turned down this movie because she was afraid of one thing. 

Andrews Nearly Turned Sound Of Music Down

When Andrews was offered the part in The Sound Of Music, her first instinct was to turn it down because she had just played a nanny in two movies the year before. She’d won an Oscar for playing the titular nanny in 1964’s Mary Poppins, and she’d also played a young driver who moonlights as a nanny in  The Americanization of Emily that same year.

“It would be my second nanny role, almost on the heels of the first. Arthur [Park] very much encouraged me to accept the job,” Andrews would later write in her memoir, according to Forbes. “And I’ll be forever grateful for the nudge over the fence that he and Bob [Wise] gave this nervous and insecure young woman.”

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Andrews Initially Wasn’t ‘Wildly Impressed’ By Broadway Version

Fans would likely also be surprised to learn that Andrews and her then-husband Tony Walton poked fun at the Broadway version of The Sound Of Music when they went to see it in 1959. 

“I’m ashamed to admit that at the time we weren’t wildly impressed,” Andrews recalled. “We loved the music, but the show seemed rather saccharine to us — so much so that Carol Burnett and I did a spoof of it called ‘The Pratt Family Singers” in our 1962 television special.”

Andrews explained in her book that she changed her mind about the show after director Bob Wise and producer Saul Chaplin promised her that they would make the movie “less sentimental” and “more substantive.”

Check out her and Burnett’s hilarious spoof for yourself below.

It was Burnett who presented Andrews with the American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award last month. There, Andrews was reunited with the five surviving former child stars who played the Von Trapp children in The Sound Of Music, and they surprised her with a rendition of “Do Re Mi.” You can check that performance out below.

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‘I’ve Been The Most Lucky Lady’

Andrews referenced The Sound Of Music briefly during the ceremony, talking about how lucky she feels to have gotten to play such a great role. 

“I’ve been the most lucky lady, because happening to be in the right place at the right time and having the wonderful directors and people that I’ve worked with and just learning my craft and learning what it’s all about,” she said, according to ABC News. “I never expected it to be like that.”

The always-humble Andrews also made sure to thank all those who came out to honor her that night. 

“I had no idea what I was going to see tonight and I’m gobsmacked,” she told the audience. “Thanks to all of the friends tonight who have contributed so much.”

It truly is scary to think of what The Sound Of Music would have been, had Andrews gone with her first instinct and turned down the role of Maria. Thank goodness she went forward with the project, as the rest of us can now enjoy her performance for the rest of our lives! 

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