Mike Tyson Learns His Fate After Airplane Incident

Prosecutors have revealed whether or not the boxing legend Mike Tyson will be charged for punching an airplane passenger last month.

The saga of the Mike Tyson airplane incident has come to a close. Last month, we reported that the boxing legend Mike Tyson had been caught on camera repeatedly punching a fellow passenger on a flight from San Francisco to Miami. Now, Tyson has finally learned his fate, as prosecutors have revealed whether or not they plan to charge him. 

But first, in case you missed it, check out the shocking footage of the fight below. 

Backstory: Disturbing Moment Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punches Airplane Passenger

Prosecutor Reveals Tyson’s Fate

8 News Now reported that San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen M. Wagstaffe has said that after reviewing the allegations, his office has decided not to charge Tyson, as they’ve concluded that he did not commit misdemeanor battery.

“We have reviewed the police reports of the San Francisco Police Department and the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and have viewed the various videos collected by law enforcement from others on the airplane,” he stated.

“Our decision is that we will not file any charges against Mr. Tyson based on the circumstances surrounding the confrontation,” Wagstaffe added. “These include the conduct of the victim leading up to the incident, the interaction between Mr. Tyson and the victim, as well as the requests of both the victim and Mr. Tyson that no charges be filed in this case.”

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Tyson’s Representatives Sound Off 

Tyson’s representatives had claimed that a man who was intoxicated began harassing the boxing legend, going so far as to throw a water bottle at him as he sat in his seat. Tyson finally had enough and leaned over the back of his seat before repeatedly punching the man on the JetBlue flight. 

Tyson’s lawyers have praised prosecutors for deciding not to charge him, commending them for their “careful, diligent and professional work.”

Tyson, who is now retired from boxing, had been in San Francisco to help promote a new social media app named Relevnt, which was used as part of the 4/20 festivities that took place in Golden Gate Park. Tyson had been scheduled to give a talk in which he would “explore the wide range of topics that interest him, from business to history, and weed to sports and social topics.”

Tyson’s Legendary Career And Run-ins With The Law

Tyson’s career in boxing was a storied one, as he made history at the age of 20 back in 1987 when he became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. He would go on to have 50 wins during his career, with 44 of them being knockouts.

However, Tyson has also seen his fair share of run-ins with the law over the years. He served three years in prison for rape in the 1990s, though he has long claimed to be innocent in this case. In 1997, Tyson was also suspended from boxing briefly after he infamously bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear. 

Tyson can certainly now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that he won’t be charged for this latest incident. It’s safe to say that his fellow passengers will think twice before messing with him on his next flight! 

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