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The legendary singer Madonna was furious to discover on Friday morning that she has been banned from going live on Instagram after frequently breaking the site’s rules by posting nude photos.

Madonna Sounds Off

Daily Mail reported that Madonna, 63, shared a video of the moment she found out that she had been banned for “going against Community Guidelines” on Instagram, with a later message letting her know that users are not allowed to “spam” or “post nudity.”

“I’ve never worn so many clothes in my life,” Madonna said in the video, despite previously having risqué content removed by Instagram.

“Not Us!!!! violation of community guidelines……….” Madonna wrote in the video’s caption.

On her Instagram Story, Madonna questioned if the NFT videos that she posted last week could be the reason behind the ban. The videos included digital scans of her vagina, as well as naked depictions of herself birthing trees, butterflies, and centipedes that looked like robots.

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Madonna Left ‘Speechless’

Madonna then said that the ban left her “speechless.”

“It’s weird, they’re being really mysterious about why, they’re not giving me a reason. It’s like a bureaucracy inside a computer,” Madonna lamented. “I haven’t done anything lately, nothing crazy this week anyways… it may be a delayed reaction from my NFTs last week.”

“I’m sorry to let everyone down, I was looking forward to this,” she added. “I pledge allegiance to the censorship people.”


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Madonna Claims Instagram Is ‘Sexist’

In another lengthy caption posted to Instagram, Madonna branded the site’s nudity rules as “sexist.”

“I’m reposting photographs Instagram took down without warning or notification….. The reason they gave my management that does not handle my account was that a small portion of my nipple was exposed,” Madonna wrote.

“It is still astounding to me that we live in a culture that allows every inch of a woman’s body to be shown except a nipple,” she stated. “As if that is the only part of a woman’s anatomy that could be sexualized. The nipple that nourishes the baby!”

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“Can’t a mans nipple be experienced as erotic ??!! And what about a woman’s a** which is never censored anywhere,” she continued. “Giving thanks that I have managed to maintain my sanity through four decades of censorship…… sexism……ageism and misogyny.”

Not stopping there, Madonna bizarrely tied this all back to American history. 

“Perfectly timed with the lies we have been raised to believe about the pilgrims peacefully breaking bread with the Native American Indians when they landed on Plymouth Rock!” she concluded. God bless America.”

Madonna closed out the post with the hashtag “#artistsareheretodisturbthepeace.”

Madonna can kick and scream all that she wants to, but it doesn’t look like Instagram will be changing its mind anytime soon. This time, it seems that Madonna really did take things too far!

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