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Last week, we reported that the NFL free agent Antonio Brown had slammed the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for being “trash.” Now, things have gotten even worse for Kaepernick, as the former NFL linebacker and three-time pro bowler Shawne Merriman is backing Brown up on these comments.

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‘He Makes Some Valid Points About Colin Kaepernick’

Merriman agreed with Brown after he called out Kaepernick for selling out when it came to the lawsuit that he settled with the NFL. 

“He makes some valid points about Colin Kaepernick, saying that, you know, he took the money from the NFL. The settlement,” Merriman told TMZ. The Nike commercials — all these things.”

“Well, I think a lot of people think that way about all the other stuff that Colin Kaepernick has going on, and his opportunities that he’s had to get back in the NFL, and just hasn’t,” he added.

Merriman went on to say that he believes that if Brown wasn’t so polarizing already himself, more people would be agreeing with him. 

“We get the message, but people aren’t trying to listen to the messenger,” Merriman continued. “If you listen to what he said, he actually made a couple valid points in there.”

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Brown Calls Out Kaepernick 

This came after Brown called out Kaepernick while appearing on the “Cigar Talk” podcast last week, saying that he does not think the former quarterback should be playing the victim in any way.

“But they gave him the money and they gave him a commercial, they gave him the documentary,” Brown said. “He took a deal. We don’t feel sorry for you. You took the deal. F*** outta here. Oh, Kaepernick. Man, you on f***ing Nike, man. F*** outta here. . . .”

Brown also said that he isn’t buying that Kaepernick actually wants to return to the NFL. 

“He don’t wanna play, man,” Brown said. “He was trash, everything. . . . Kaepernick did all that and took the money and then got the commercial. We don’t see Kaepernick outside. Where he at? I ain’t never seem him outside. . . . All that’s cap. We ain’t respecting that, bro. You took the money, the commercials. We don’t see you outside. We don’t see him in the hood. He don’t do nothing.”

‘He Not Even From The Hood’

“Like, we cool. But nah we ain’t even stan Kaepernick,” he added. “He not even from the hood. You don’t even been in the trenches. We like Kaepernick and all, but we ain’t really on that. As Black people we need to get that clear. . . . He took the handout, so he got to take the mayor out and, like, take responsibility for that.”

Kaepernick became a household name during the 2016 football season when he began taking a knee during the national anthem before games to protest against racial inequality in America. He left the 49ers at the start of 2017, and he has yet to be signed by another NFL team.

Liberals have tried to turn Kaepernick into a martyr of sorts, claiming that he has only not been signed by another team because the NFL is “racist.” Others, however, have pointed out that Kaepernick led the 49ers to a losing record during his final season with the team, so it’s likely his lack of football skills that has led to him not being signed by another team. 

We applaud Merriman and Brown for having the guts to call out Kaepernick. Hopefully, this is the start of a new trend of other celebrities doing the same thing. 

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