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How did Marilyn Monroe die? What happened to Marilyn Monroe in her final hours is one of Hollywood’s great mysteries. Now, a new documentary on Netflix, ‘Mystery of Marilyn Monroe,’ attempts to answer that question. And it makes some startling claims.

What Happened In Marilyn Monroe’s Final Hours?

Author Anthony Summers compiled more than 600 hours of interviews, including one with the ambulance owner that arrived at Monroe’s house on the night of her death.

The documentarian uncovered unknown facts about Marilyn Monroe’s death. One of the most shocking had to do with the question of exactly when did Marilyn Monroe die? It turns out that she was not found dead but was instead in a coma when an ambulance arrived at her house.

“No, she wasn’t [dead at home],” ambulance company owner Walter Schaefer alleged in one of Summers’ recordings. He claimed that Monroe was comatose, but alive, when Ken Hunter, one of his drivers, picked her up and began transporting her to an emergency room in Santa Monica”

Monroe’s psychiatrist claims that Monroe died en route to the hospital. Bizarrely, the ambulance then returned the deceased Monroe to her house. 

Schaefer implied that it was common for ambulances to return Hollywood stars to their homes after death, so it appeared that they died in their sleep. 

Marilyn & The Kennedys

A less shocking and more common theory presented in the documentary was that Monroe was romantically involved with John and Robert Kennedy.

And while the documentary stops short of accusing the Kennedy family of murder, it does imply that her affairs with both men encouraged a cover-up around her death.

One interviewee claims RFK contacted Marilyn the night of her death. A former FBI agent goes as far as to say that federal agents beat the ambulance to Monroe’s house to pick up any evidence that the star was involved with Robert Kennedy. 


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My Take On Monroe Conspiracy Theories

There are many rumors surrounding Marilyn Monroe’s cause of death. Even though I love a good conspiracy theory, the most straightforward answer is usually the right one in death.

The fact is that Marilyn Monroe was depressed and on many drugs. It is more likely that she, distraught at her lack of being a mother and possibly her relationship with the Kennedys, decided to take her own life.

It also could have been as simple as an overdose. We might not know the honest answer, but it sure is fun to speculate?

What do you think happened to Marilyn Monroe? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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