Jaden Smith Mocks Kids His Own Age, Twitter Mocks Back

In an interview, Jaden Smith made fun of kids who don't like talking about politics and gave Twitter something to talk about.

Jaden Smith is getting the Twitter treatment after a video in which he mocks kids his own age saying, “uh nuh nuh bah bah bah bro phone selfie!!!” He may sound like a Baby Boomer making fun of millennials, but he’s actually a Gen Zer who just wants to talk politics.

“I am very happy that I spent my childhood with more adults than I did with kids my own age because I was picking up more things from adults than I were from kids my own age,” Smith said. He’d rather talk about politics and the environment.

If that made you cringe,  you’re not alone

Jaden Smith is Out of Touch

When Smith makes comments like this, it reminds you that as out of touch as most celebrities are, their kids are even worse. It kind of makes you wonder if this Key & Peele skit is based on a true story:

Fortunately for Smith, this happened on Twitter and not in the hallway in a public high school where he would have been promptly shoved into a locker. Instead, he became Twitter’s Main Character.

Nobody’s Bullying Anybody

One Twitter user came to Smith’s defense, saying, “The way people react to Jaden Smith gives you an idea of how and why kids who are different and smart get bullied in high school.”

But that’s missing the point. People aren’t making fun of Smith because he’s smart. They’re making fun of him because he’s pretentious. He’s acting like he’s a prodigy surrounded by idiotic children who bore him.

But then he’s also this guy:

Apparently, that’s what sophisticated intellectuals wear to weddings. If you listen to the rest of the interview, Smith says he does like to have fun.

Smith Likes to Have Fun Too

“Don’t worry, I like to turn up,” he said. “I like to play. So, I like to play songs loud and jump in the crowd in Atlanta but, you know, I’m always looking for that next thing.”

Maybe the kids his age are “looking for the next thing” too, but he wouldn’t know that because he’s too busy painting them all with the same broad brush. 

You can see the interview here:

He’s Not All Bad

While Smith’s comments won’t make him many friends in his own age group, he’s not all bad. He also talks about refusing to use misogynistic lyrics in his music. He’s also involved in many charity projects. For example, he opened a restaurant to feed homeless people for free. It’s vegan, but it’s better than nothing.

Here’s hoping Smith develops the confidence to continue growing and doing good without feeling the urge to build himself up by tearing down his peers.

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