Three Details You Missed On Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw

The April 11th RAW was a fun one. There was a lot of great wrestling and a few surprises. But I bet you didn’t see everything. Here are a few tiny details you probably missed. If you didn’t watch the Usos/Street Profits main event, I highly suggest you seek it out. The Usos continue to show off why they’re the best tag team globally. 

Belt vs. Title. 

During the opening MizTV segment, Cody Rhodes mentioned that he was working to win the Undisputed WWE Champion “belt” The Miz was quick to respond that it is called a title and that a “belt keeps your pants up.” This correction references the list of “banned words” in WWE. Due to a personal dislike for the word “belt” from Vince McMahon, WWE championships are always referred to as titles and never belts. Other banned words are strap, hospital, trauma, and blood. 

Interestingly enough, Cody again violated the banned word list by calling himself and others on the roster “wrestlers.” Miz again corrected him by saying they are “sports entertainers.” 

It is well-known that Vince does not like the word “wrestling.” But WWE has done an excellent job of preserving the sanctity of the word so that when someone does say “wrestling” on WWE programming, it means something. 

Why MVP Turned On Bobby Lashley

MVP explained why he turned against Bobby Lashley, but first, he gave a little history lesson.

“You were letting some sawed-off runt and some wannabe TikTok star lead your career astray.”  This is an apparent reference to Bobby Lashley being managed first by Lio Rush and then Lana. While Lio Rush’s time in WWE was brief, he did seem to be a good fit for Lashley. 

However, most fans didn’t care for the adultery angle where Lana seemed to cheat openly on her husband, Rusev.

I even forgot about that horrid angle where Liv Morgan returned and said that SHE was Lana’s real lover. Dang, what a weird time. 

Anyway, I’m glad Lashley is where he is now. However, he does need someone speaking for him. Despite many objections, it would have been great to have someone like Adam Cole come to the main roster as a manager. Not only that, but when he finally gets a chance to wrestle, as inevitably every manager does, he surprises the audience with his skill. He and Lashley would make a good pair.

But for now, perhaps Lashley gets to talk on his own, or maybe Diamon Mine manager Malcolm Bivens can get the call-up. 

More Proof Ezekiel Is Not Elias. 

It is conclusive now, folks! 


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