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Like so many around the world, beloved comedic actor Tim Allen is appalled by what is happening in Ukraine right now. On Thursday, the Home Improvement star shared his thoughts on the ongoing war via his Twitter account.

Tim Allen: “My Mind And Body Are Full of Anger Disgust” 

Allen took to Twitter to condemn Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Back on February 24, the popular comedian was quick to call for prayers for the people of Ukraine.

Allen is known for being outspoken with his viewpoints, which can sometimes rub people the wrong way.

On Last Man Standing, Allen played an exaggerated version of his authentic self as a grumpy conservative man lost in an increasingly liberal world. 

Perfect example: Tim Allen Teaches Liberals A Brutal Lesson About Capitalism On ‘Last Man Standing’

With his recent tweets, Allen joins a chorus of celebrities and everyday folk supporting Ukraine as they repel an invasion from Russia.  

I know we try to steer clear of politics here. But I think it is safe to say that Putin is not a good dude. Though I’d never say that to his face, lest he judo throw me.

Celebrities On Global Crises – Should We Listen? 

I used to be one of those “shut up and sing” types. But I’ve softened that stance a bit.

I still don’t believe a celebrity’s opinion on an issue is any more valid than anyone else’s, and certainly isn’t something they should be praised for judged too much for. But celebrities are people (JUST LIKE US) and are entitled to their opinions. 

Whenever I hear a celebrity spout off some nonsense, I find it best to ignore it. 

But on issues like this, I am pleased to see Hollywood use their powers and money for good.

Mila Kunis, who has Ukrainian roots and her husband Ashton Kutcher, has donated $3 million to assist the Ukrainian refuge crisis as part of a $30 million campaign.

But for every Kunis & Kutcher, you have AnnaLynne McCord, who thought a poem about being Putin’s mom would solve all of this. But hey, at least McCord gave something. The poem wasn’t great, but I can tell there was some thought and passion behind it. 

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How You Can Help Ukraine

If you’re interested in helping Ukrainians in their desperate hour, there are a few options that I would recommend. As always, research the charities you donate to and check their Charity Navigator Star rating.

First, the global Red Cross is always an excellent organization to donate to. 

I like World Central Kitchen, an organization run by celebrity chef Jose Andres that is always at the frontlines of a crisis providing hot meals for those in need.

As stated above, The Kunis & Kutcher Ukraine GoFundMe is here

How do you feel about celebrities interjecting themselves into issues like this? Let Us Know.

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