Kid Rock Tucker Carlson Fox News Interview on Trump, Obama, Biden
Kid Rock interviewed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News (screenshot)

Editor’s Note: This story is updated to include more information on Kid Rock’s history with Presidents Obama and Biden. The headline was also updated.

Unabashed rocker Kid Rock dropped a bomb on Monday night when he recounted to Fox News host Tucker Carlson the times he gave unofficial political advice to Donald Trump during his presidency. The ‘We The People’ singer even went so far as to claim that Trump asked him for his advice on how to handle North Korea! 

Kid Rock Says He Gave Trump Political Advice

“I was there with him one day, the end of the [ISIL] caliphate [in Syria],” Kid Rock said, according to Mediaite. “He wanted to put out a tweet, and it was like … ‘If you ever joined a caliphate and tried to do this, you’re gonna be dead.”

Kid Rock added that while Trump’s tweet was “awesome,” the President ended up changing the wording before it went out to make it more politically correct.

Carlson could not help but laugh at this, asking the ‘Only God Knows Why‘ singer if he expected to be advising Trump during his presidency. 

“‘What do you think we should do about North Korea?’ I’m like ‘What? I don’t think I’m qualified to answer this,’” Kid Rock stated, reenacting a discussion he alleges occurred between him and Trump.

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Kid Rock On Trump Today

“You are still playing golf with them down in Florida?” Carlson asked. “How’s he seemed?”

Kid Rock replied by saying that while he’s noticed that Trump has been “a little different” since the 2020 election, “he seems great.”

“But he’s still the same guy. He sits down and just cuts it up. You start cutting it up,” Kid Rock continued. “How sharp he is, it’s incredible.”

Watch Kid Rock talk more about this in the video below.

Talking Politics

The Guardian reported that in this same interview, Kid Rock talked about his own political views, saying that he “played Barack Obama’s inauguration [in 2009] even though I didn’t vote for him. I didn’t agree with his policies, but there was an exciting sense of change in the air. That promise hasn’t been fulfilled – the country is more divided than ever.”

All video evidence of Kid Rock’s performance of “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Cowboy” at the Obama’s Youth Inaugural Ball in 2009, which MTV streamed, seems to have been scrubbed from the internet. I wonder why?

So here’s a video of Kid Rock performing “Sweet Home Alabama” with original artist Lynyrd Skynyrd (which I’m sure is way better anyways). The superstars joined forces at the MTV Music Awards in 2008. Interestingly, it’s nearly impossible to find official mention (let alone video) of that performance either.

Kid Rock On President Biden

Kid Rock made it clear that he’s a huge fan of Trump, praising the former president for speaking “off the cuff.”

“See now, if you watch a Joe Biden interview, and you watch a Trump interview, there’s no comparison. And Trump speaks off the cuff,” the 51-year-old singer-songwriter said. “I understand what it’s like, sometimes you get it wrong. But I would way rather hear somebody come from here [the heart] and get it wrong once in a while.”

Even liberals might have a hard time disagreeing with Kid Rock on that one!

Of course, the Detroit native made his feelings about Biden more than clear in his recent smash hit “We The People“. The song chorus chants “Let’s Go Brandon” and the rapper rips on mainstream media, specifically calling out CNN, TMZ, Twitter and Facebook.

Kid Rock certainly is one of a kind, so it’s no wonder Trump gets a kick out of hanging out with the intrepid singer-songwriter. 

Watch “We The People” here: Kid Rock Releases New Anti-Biden Song ‘We The People’ – And It Goes Viral!

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