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I don’t know if y’all have been following the news at all, but Russia is in the midst of a very unpopular invasion of their sovereign neighbor Ukraine. Just about everyone (even the Taliban!) has condemned this completely unprovoked attack. The world responded with swift sanctions, with some sporting organizations going so far as to ban Russian athletes from participating on the world stage. But all of this hasn’t stopped a few artists from keeping Russia on their tour schedule. 

Let’s look at some of the artists who still want to rock in Rostov

Artists Still Scheduled To Play In Russia

Bjork: The Icelandic songstress and certified weirdo has not released a statement on canceling her June 8th show in Moscow. The “All Is Full Of Love” singer considers herself an activist, so I could see herself playing the show and blasting “Declare Independence” while holding a Ukrainian flag. 

Korn: Ukraine may be “Coming Undone,” but there is no word yet if the “Freak On A Leash” band will Follow The Leader of other bands and cancel their shows. 

Judas Priest: Putin is “Breaking The Law,” but if you think Priest will cancel their shows in Russia, “You Got Another Thing Coming.” On a somewhat related note, it appears the UK is sending British Steel to assist the Ukrainians. 

After TMZ published this story, a spokesperson for Eric Clapton reached out to them to say that his shows were canceled and “… it is highly unlikely that they will be reinstated at any time.” Eric, your stand against Russia looks “Wonderful Tonight.” Clapton joins several other artists who are no longer doing shows in Russia.

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Should Artists Boycott Russia?

I wouldn’t want to engage in Russia in any way or shape, or form. They’re the current global villain, and anyone standing with them risks their form of punishment. That being said, sanctions rarely punish those in power, as most of the pain of international restraints is pushed down to everyday citizens. 

Sometimes boycotts can have the effect of rallying people for their leader, as citizens see the world unjustly punishing them. However, in my opinion, the world has to take a complete stand against Russia. This type of aggression can not stand this aggression in Ukraine. 

How do you feel about this? Should artists boycott Russia? Are you boycotting Russian products? Let us know in the comments below.

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