Academy video of Will and Jada Smith before Chris Rock Oscars smack missing

The world is still reeling from Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars on Sunday night. Now, a high-up source is saying that pressure is mounting for the Academy to release a three-second video that shows a different camera angle focused on Will and Jada Smith just before the smack, adding that the “missing” Oscars footage exposes a whole different layer to the scandal. 

Backstory: Internet Erupts After Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock At The Oscars

This also comes as video footage has emerged showing that Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith was laughing immediately after her husband smacked Rock.

Insider: Academy Has Unreleased Footage Of Will And Jada Smith

The insider said that if the Academy released the secret footage that they allegedly have, it could change everything. 

“We know there was a camera right in front of Will and Jada,” the source told Radar Online. “Someone needs to force the hand of the gatekeepers to release the missing video after the cutaway (television speak, for a shot that cuts away from the main action to a separate or secondary action).”

“An analysis of the video in slow motion shows Will not only laughing at Rock’s joke but also clapping,” the insider added. “The video of what happened during the next three seconds afterward needs to be released; it’s a multi-camera setup.”

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‘Jada Did Something Major That Snapped Him’

The source went on to say that the video does not paint Jada in a positive light. 

“Jada did something major that snapped him out of genuine laughter,” the source shockingly continued. “He was never looking at her as you can see in the video before the director cut back to Rock.”

Check out the uncensored televised video of the smack below. We must warn you that there is some profanity in it. 

‘Missing’ Oscars Video Compared To Watergate Tapes

The insider concluded by comparing the “missing video” to the Watergate tapes that brought down former President Richard Nixon in 1972. 

“These crews and feeds will be able to show the world what really happened,” the source concluded. “What pushed Will to attack Chris after he was seemingly bemused by the GI Jane joke? What did Jada do in those critical seconds? This is the greatest missing evidence mysteries since the 18-minute gap on the Watergate tapes!”

The Academy’s board of governors is set to meet on April 18 to decide how Smith will be reprimanded for his behavior, and it’s in the realm of possibility that the Oscar he won later in the night for his work in King Richard could be stripped from him.

The Academy has also said that Will Smith was asked to leave the ceremony after smacking Rock, but he refused. Minutes later, he took the stage to win his Best Actor Oscar. 

One thing is for sure, and that is that Hollywood is one crazy and nutty place indeed! 

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