Alec Baldwin returns to work
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Alec Baldwin has returned to acting following a three-month hiatus. The Hunt for Red October star took a step back from acting following the tragedy on the set of the movie Rust.

Baldwin openly speculated that his career would be over following the accident that took one life, but it appears now that the star is back on set, shooting a low-budget independent film. 

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Baldwin Goes Back To Work

As the actor returned to a set for the first time in three months, he spoke on the tragedy that took the life of up-and-coming cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and severely injured director Joel Souza.

Baldwin shared his thoughts in a video diary while filming a movie in London.


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“What is acting or any of this nonsense that I’ve ended up doing? It’s strange to go back to work. I haven’t worked since October 21st of last year when this horrible thing happened on the set of this film, and the accidental death of our cinematographer Halyna Hutchins,”

Baldwin also spoke about working on a low-budget independent film with a young and talented crew. This seems to mirror the unit of Rust, which comprised a lot of up-and-coming crew members, including young armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed. 

In other, more surprising news, before Baldwin departed for London, it appears he recorded a podcast with comedian, provocateur, and Joe Rogan ally Tim Dillion.

Dillion is known for his outlandish statements, dark comedy, heterodox political views, and love of conspiracy theories. I don’t know if this episode will ever see the light of day, but I will certainly love to listen to it once it goes live.

If Baldwin did sit down for an interview with Dillion, I only expect the talk to generate more controversy for Baldwin. 

Alec Baldwin’s Future

The investigation into the accidental shooting is still ongoing, and Baldwin is also facing lawsuits as the producer of the film and the man who shot the gun. 

I don’t know if Baldwin will work on a mainstream film anytime soon. He seems to be a bit of a liability, and he could bring about bad publicity for any production involved. 

I firmly believe that what happened was a tragic but preventable accident. On a movie set, it is incumbent on all involved with the firearm to check that the gun is “cold,” aka not capable of firing bullets. From the armorer to the second director to even Baldwin himself, everyone who had a hand in the tragedy appeared to be derelict in their duty.

I think Baldwin will continue to work, but unfortunately, this tragedy will hang over his head for the rest of his life. 

Regardless, I hope justice is served, and those involved can find peace from all of this. 

How do you feel about Baldwin working again? Do you think he deserves to be prosecuted, or was it just a horrific and tragic accident?

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