Vince McMahon Finn Balor
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Finn Balor is a former WWE Universal Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and two-time NXT champ. Despite his talent, a report reveals that Vince McMahon has decided to drop his push.

Vince McMahon Drops Finn Balor Push

Finn Balor has been away from Monday Night RAW the past two weeks. He was enjoying some family time in Ireland.

He returned last night, only to be beaten by newcomer Austin Theory in six minutes. Yikes!

As per, Vince McMahon has given up on Finn’s push. It is being said that Balor has moved to Jeff Hardy’s role in helping “younger” superstars “get over”.

How Vince McMahon Views Finn Balor

According to the report, there was a pitch to turn Finn heel. However, not much has been said about that since.

It also states that Vince has only seen Balor as a mid-card star. In addition, the report notes that Paul Heyman “would’ve” pushed Finn “to the moon”, but VKM never saw him like that.

Lastly, the report states that Austin Theory will “shine” at the 2022 Royal Rumble bout. In fact, it reveals he’ll end up being the final 4 or 5 in the bout.

Last night’s booking of Balor was disappointing, but here’s hoping that this current slump isn’t where he’ll end up. Finn still has a lot of talent that can take him anywhere.

Speaking of “sky’s the limit”, Cody Rhodes is living his best wrestling life as a free agent. News broke that he’s yet to sign another AEW deal, which has many wondering about his Dynamite status, tomorrow.

Cody Rhode Dynamite Status

Dave Meltzer talks about Cody Rhodes and his free-agent status during a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. As he hasn’t been on AEW TV as of yet in 2022, will he be on Dynamite soon?

Vince McMahon Finn Balor

Source: Pro Wrestling WWE News, Twitter, Screenshot

Meltzer states that Rhodes will be at AEW Dynamite this week. He hasn’t been seen on TV but did travel to Newark a couple of weeks ago during tapings.

Sadly, due to a family medical problem, Cody went home that day. This might be the reason he has not re-signed with the company as of yet, as he just wasn’t “physically” able to do so due to his absence.

Could he ink a deal on Wednesday with AEW, while at the Dynamite tapings? He is their current TNT Champion.

Although, Tony Khan did present an “interim TNT Championship” currently held by Sammy Guevara. However, this is because Cody couldn’t be at the Battle of the Belts event.

His brother, Dustin Rhodes, stepped in for him with an “interim championship” at stake. In the end, Guevara won the match.

Cody Rhodes & The “Forbidden” Door

There has been so much speculation about Cody Rhodes and his wrestling future. Not to mention the superstar being brought through the “forbidden door” for the WWE men’s Royal Rumble match.

This has heightened since it was announced that Impact’s Knockouts Champion, Mickie James, will be involved with the women’s Royal Rumble. So, what about Cody, now that he’s a free agent?

Meltzer confirms that Rhodes will not be at the 2022 Royal Rumble. In fact, Dave notes that no AEW superstar will participate in this match.