Menu Hacks
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Do you have a go-to at McDonald’s that is a secret “off-menu” item? Maybe you get a quarterpounder with Big Mac sauce? Perhaps you put a hash brown on your sausage McGriddle. Depending on the McDs you visit, the workers my acquiesce to your request or tell you to get lost.

Well, the secrets are out and McDonald’s is adding a few menu hacks to their menu. 

McDonald’s “Menu Hacks.” 

The Land, Air, & Sea (Tasty rating 1.4/5)

  • Two patties, cheese, lettuce, onion, and pickles, McChicken (or a Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken, depending) and a Filet-o-Fish.

Crunchy Double (Taste rating 3.4/5)

  • A double cheeseburger, with a 6 piece Chicken McNuggets and Tangy BBQ sauce. 


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Hashbrown McMuffin (Tasty rating 2/5)

  • This is hardly a hack and just something everyone does: A McMuffin with a hashbrown on it. Boring.

Surf +Turf (Tasty rating 0/5) 

  • This one is a Double Cheeseburger and Filet-o-Fish but it’s only through the McDonald’s App or McDelivery.

There seems to be a catch here though. McDonald’s is advertising this as “order them by name, build them by hand.”

That seems to indicate that they will just give you the elements together to build the sandwich. Which sounds quite lame. What’s the point of this other than to sell Filet o’ Fishes? 

How much is Big Fish paying for this?

This “Menu Hack” Promotion Is Just A Way To Sell More Food

I don’t understand the appeal of this? You’re just ordering the food and you have to put it all together? They can’t train the workers to put a fish sandwich on a burger? 

I know fast food is constantly trying to reinvent itself. But I don’t know why McDonald’s has to hop on the gimmick bandwagon?

The whole point of McDs is that it is the same and consistent no matter where you go. They don’t need gimmicks to survive, right? 

They’re also forgetting the most infamous member of the secret menu 

Other Famous Secret Menus 

Here are a few more secret menu items. Some of them are well-known, others come from #HackTheMenu.

In-n-Out Burger  

Perhaps the most famous “Secret menu” is from In-N-Out Burger, the California-based burger chain. Getting it “animal” or “protein” style and getting your fries “well-done” are no longer actual secrets and everyone working at In-N-Out is well-versed in how to handle them. 

My personal favorite is a 3×3 animal style with chopped chilies. 

Taco Bell

  • Cheesy Gordita Crunch
    • What was once a secret menu item is now one of the most popular. Now that the Mexican Pizza (Rest in Peace!) is no more, this is my favorite menu item.

  • Dorito Shell anything 
    • Apparently, you can just add the Dorito shell to any taco. The Double Decker with the Doritos Locos shell sounds amazing. 

Fast Food Is A Treat

Now before you go out and stuff yourself, here’s a little trick to help you eat less fast food, and to enjoy eating it more when you do.

Try and think of fast food as a treat instead of an actual meal. That way you aren’t always going out to get it, and when you do it is something special. When I was growing up, we got McDonald’s as a special treat and it made it that much more special when we went. 

What’s your menu hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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