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Bon Jovi is back. The Hall of Fame quintessential 80s band is back for a 2022 tour of the US. 

The band will embark on a 15-city tour, starting in Omaha and ending in Nashville. Touring through the summer, this will be one of the hottest tickets for what I know will be a jam-packed summer concert schedule.

My only hope here is that they don’t play anything new. No one is going to the concert to hear your “new stuff.” Might as well tell people to go to the bathroom.

Play the hits, play them loud, don’t make people stay up past 10:00 PM (looking at YOU Bruce Springsteen).

The good news is that Bon Jovi doesn’t appear to have a new album on the horizon. 

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What’s Your Favorite Hair Metal Band?

Listen. The 1980s were pretty great. Reagan, hair teased to the stratosphere, and REAL music. I miss hair bands. Thankfully there are a few still kicking around. I saw the Scorpions a few years back, and they could still go.

I got coffee right behind Don Dokken one time. Seemed like a nice enough guy, got a soy latte**. My Uncle Greg swears the Skid Row show he saw in 1987 was and I quote “The greatest singular musical moment of my life.” 

Personally, I love me some Cinderella, Halloween, or dare I say Guns N’ Roses. Now no, GnR is not strictly a “glam metal” band, but they certainly were the natural evolution of the genre. So was Nirvana for that matter.

While we’re on the subject of Nirvana, I heard them on a “classic rock” station a few weeks back. That seems to be a total violation right? I think the last band you could reasonably play on a “classic rock” station is a Bon Jovi-type band. 

Nirvana, GnR, anything made after 1989 should just be on a “rock” station. But do those even exist anymore? Or is it the same stations playing the same boring pop songs as every other corporate station? I’m getting too old for this.

Speaking of old…Bon Jovi is such an old-man band I think the “steel horse” they ride on are modernized scooters. Just kidding. This will be a fun tour. Bon Jovi is a very fun band to see in concert. 

**I am not sure it was actually Don Dokken I saw, might have just been one of the millions of dudes in Los Angeles in their 60s who were at their best in 1986 and thought “You know what? I’m good, this look is timeless.”

To get you in the mood, here’s “Livin’ On A Prayer.”

Are you a glam metal fan? What 80s band do you miss? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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