AEW Called Homophobic Rhetoric
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AEW has been called out for homophonic rhetoric during a recent segment. Also, a WWE Champion is injured. 

AEW Called Out For Homophobic Rhetoric

According to recent reports, some AEW talents haven’t enjoyed the Lambert/Jericho AEW promos. In fact, they’ve cited homophobic lines within the segments as the reason.

One example that is being pointed to is from the September 15th episode of Dynamite. This is when Jericho asked American Top Team which of them is “on top”.

In fact, AEW fans have also since accused both Chris and Dan of certain homophobic phrases during promos. Sean Ross Sapp recently addressed this during a Fightful Q&A event.

More On AEW Being Called Out For Homophobic Rhetoric

As per Sapp, he notes that he was warned about a number of people backstage. They seem unpleased with the homophobic lines used during promos.

However, Sapp says he’s unaware if these issues have been brought to management. He asked these people if they’ve gone to someone about their thoughts on the promos.

According to Sapp, they have walked away without answering the question. Currently, AEW touts having a diverse range of superstars on their roster.

In fact, LGBTQ+ stars on the AEW team include both Nyla Rose and Anthony Bowens. Unfortunately, both talents have had to deal with their fair share of vitriol from fans as of late, too.

Over to the land of the WWE, a current champion is out of action. More on which superstar is on the injured list, below.

WWE Champion Injured

While Shinsuke Nakamura is currently the WWE Intercontinental Champion, he hasn’t competed in a match as of late. This is because he is injured.

AEW Called Homophobic Rhetoric

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Nakamura and Rick Boogs have become a popular duo on WWE TV. Boogs recently reveals that his partner in crime is out of action.

While on the Out of Character podcast, Rick notes that Shinsuke is currently dealing with a hand injury. According to Boogs, the two have only “scratched the surface” of their partnership.

Rick states that they just started to get “cooking” when Nakamura suffered a hand injury. This has kept him out of in-ring action for almost two months.

Boogs reveals that he’s looking forward to Shinsuke getting healthy so he can be cleared, so they can “kick some tail”. It’ll be interesting to see how far this team can go.

Rick also notes that at some point they may branch off. However, he makes it crystal clear he’s in no rush for that.

Shinsuke Nakamura And The WWE

Shinsuke is a seasoned talent who has traveled the world in wrestling. He joined the WWE in 2016.

He entered NXT at that point in time. He’d end up holding the NXT Championship, twice.

Nakamura made his main roster debut in 2017. He joined the Blue brand that year on the first SmackDown after WrestleMania 33.

Since then, Shinsuke has made an impact in the WWE. He’s been United States Champion twice, held the SmackDown tag titles, won the 2018 Men’s Royal Rumble, and is a two-time IC Champion.

Here’s hoping that Nakamura’s hand injury is not serious, and he returns to in-ring action soon. Sounds like the WWE may have some interesting plans for both Boogs and Shinsuke.

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