WWE Testing No Longer
Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

As the pandemic rages on, many sporting leagues are testing their athletes before games, whether they are fully vaccinated or not. WWE recently told their superstars that COVID-19 testing will no longer be needed moving forward.

WWE Testing No Longer Needed

The WWE currently has a number of COVID-19 positive superstars on the main roster. This is both on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown.

This has affected live events and tapings. The company has had to make some adjustments to cards.

With that said, Fightful is reporting that the company has recently told WWE NXT talents that they no longer have to be tested twice weekly. In addition, the main roster superstars also received an email stating the same.

There is no information on whether there is a COVID-19 vaccination stipulation with the “no testing” rule. It’s being said that this new “no testing” ruling wasn’t taken well with some individuals within the WWE.

WWE Testing “No Longer Needed” Not Taken Well

“No testing” moving forward rubbed some the wrong way because the WWE is currently short-handed because of some COVID-19 positives. As such, there were many changes to the card.

In fact, the live event at NYC’s Madison Square Garden featured an NXT Championship match. Tommaso Ciampa battled Pete Dunne to retain his NXT title.

How will all these positives affect WWE’s first pay-per-view (PPV) of 2022, Day 1? WNZ will stay on top of this story in the coming days ahead.

Speaking of NXT, looks like a talent that hit the main roster is headed back to the developmental brand. Their storyline has been nixed.

Wrestler Sent Back To NXT

Von Wagner appeared on the November 12th edition of SmackDown on Fox. This was during his NXT program with Kyle O’Reilly.

WWE Testing No Longer

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

He was “standing guard” for Adam Pierce. It was revealed later that CEO Vince McMahon believed that Pearce needed a bodyguard.

Wagner’s bodyguard status on the Blue brand was mentioned on NXT the week after. However, he hasn’t been seen on Friday nights since. What happened?

According to a report, VKM didn’t like Wagner’s role on SmackDown as the “muscles” for Pearce. Therefore, it was scrapped.

Wagner’s Role On NXT

During O’Reilly’s final match with NXT recently, Wagner gained the win against him. Wagner also was defeated by Edris Enofe last week, which was quite an upset.

This all happened while Robert Stone watched the match, ringside. Still, Wagner would snap and rip Enofe apart, after he took the loss.

Wagner officially joined NXT in March 2019. He began training at the Performance Center shortly after.

He would make his in-ring debut during a house show in May of that year. After a number of house shows, Wagner debuted on NXT television on September 14, 2021.

It’s uncertain what the company now has planned for Wagner, or if he’ll be called up to the main roster sooner rather than later. There’s been a buzz noting that he’s being set up as the top heel for NXT.

Only time will tell on what’s in store of Von Wagner. Either way, it does seem as if he’s got a bright future ahead in the WWE and professional wrestling.