Jussie Smollett hearing Osundairo brothers testify testimony attack was staged
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Olabinjo Osundairo, the second of the two Osundairo brothers, took the stand in the trial of Jussie Smollett on Thursday to testify that the former “Empire” star staged the infamous 2019 hate crime he reported to Chicago police and instructed the men to shout slurs.

Olabinjo Osundairo Testifies In Jussie Smollett Hearing

Olabinjo corroborated his brother Abimbola Osundairo’s statement that Smollett had approached them asking for help in staging the late night attack. He said that he was taking the stand because he wanted to “get the truth out of what really happened that night,” according to The Daily Caller.

Olabinjo told the court that his brother and Smollett came to his apartment one night to discuss staging for the hate crime, which police believe was motivated by a desire to secure a raise for the actor on “Empire.”

“Can I trust you?” Smollett reportedly asked Olabinjo, who responded by saying, “Yes, of course, you can.”

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Smollett Allegedly Instructed Osundairo Brothers To Shout Slurs

Olabinjo went on to testify that Smollett told them to “yell out racial and homophobic slurs at him. He wanted us to say, ‘Aren’t you that Empire f*ggot n—-r?’ and ‘This is MAGA country.'”

“At first I was kind of taken aback … when I thought about it, it’s Hollywood,” Olabinjo recalled of his thoughts when he initially heard Smollett’s plan, “I was like, it’s probably what they do out there.”

When defense attorney Tamara Walker asked Olabinjo if using a noose on Smollett bothered him as a “black man,” he replied, “No … I just don’t let things like that bother me.”

Olabinjo also testified that nobody was supposed to call the police over the fake attack, as Smollett’s goal was only for it to gain traction on social media. He also stated that he and his brother were unaware of the legal risks for themselves that came with them taking part in this fake attack.

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No Intent To Harm

Olabinjo Osundairo then testified that the brother never intended to physically harm Smollett, and that he even switched out the gasoline for bleach at the last minute over safety fears.

“You intentionally poured it on his clothing and not his face … so as not to injure him?” the prosecutor asked, to which Smollett replied “Exactly.”

Jussie Smollett is facing up to three years in prison if convicted on charges related to him allegedly staging this hate crime.

Many Americans believe that Smollett tried to play off the racial and political divisions currently plaguing our country for his own personal gain. May justice prevail.

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