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NFL Hall Of Famer and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan is going into space. And we are not talking about the space between his two front teeth HAHAHAHA*. No, he’s going to be one of the civilian passengers on-board a Blue Origin space flight. 

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos invited Strahan to join the flight following the New York Giant legend’s coverage of a previous spaceflight.

Here Strahan talks about his pre-flight check. Take a look:

Strahan is excited about the flight and will bring a few prized possessions with him into space.

  •  12 shell casings from the 12-gun salute performed at his father Gene’s funeral
  • His Super Bowl XLII Ring and Pro Football Hall of Fame Ring of Excellence 
  • Two watches: a pocket watch that belonged to his maternal grandfather, and a rare De Bethune DB28 Kind of Blue timepiece with a celestial face and moon-phase function
  • A pearl necklace from his girlfriend Kayla Quick’s late grandmother
  • His ABC and FOX employee ID cards 
  • A lucky $2 bill

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Details of Michael Strahan’s Space Flight

Strahan will join five other space tourists on the automated rocket New Shepherd. He will be part of the civilian crew for the Blue Origin NS-19 sub-orbital flight taking off on December 9th.

The 10-minute flight will take off from Corn Ranch outside Van Horn, Texas. Other passengers include the daughter of Alan Shepherd (the first American to go to space), philanthropist Lane Bess and his offspring, Cameron, as well as investor Evan Dick.

What Would I Bring to Space?

First off, I would never go to space. I’m not getting into a rocket built by the lowest bidder and leaving the bonds of Earth. God intended us to be on the ground. And even if he didn’t, nothing says I have to go to space.

But if I were to go space, here’s what I would bring.

  • A parachute 
  • A prayer that I would return safely
  • Dramamine 

The Future Of Space Flight

I have to be honest. These random people going to “space” make it seem less cool.

I know that’s silly, and the number of people who have been to space is still tiny. But call me old-fashioned, I remember when you used to train for a decade before you went to space, now you can be any old NFL player or billionaire trying to get over his divorce, and BOOM, you’re an astronaut.

But this is the nature of progress. It used to be something special when you flew. Now we get mad when there isn’t Wi-Fi on our flight from Cleveland to Louisville. 

Would you go into space? Let us know in the comments below.

*Please do not hurt me, Mr. Strahan, sir. It was only a joke. Your teeth are perfect.

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