Hard Drive Provides Disturbing New Details In Ghislaine Maxwell Case – Including Relationship With Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell's intimate relationship with Jeffrey Epstein has been exposed by a document found at the late billionaire's townhouse.

Disturbing new details about the relationship between British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and the late billionaire sex criminal and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein have just come to light thanks to a document that was found on a hard-drive in his townhouse.

The document describes just how close Maxwell and Epstein really were, noting that the two were “rarely apart.”

Maxwell’s Intimate Relationship With Epstein

The New York Post reported that the document was created on October 14, 2002 by user “GMax.” The FBI discovered the document after raiding Epstein’s home in 2019, but the details of it were only made public when an FBI analyst testified about it today in Maxwell’s trial. 

Perhaps most notably, the document describes the pair as a romantic couple.

“Jeffrey and Ghislaine have been together as a couple for the last 11 years,” the document began. “They are, contrary to what people think, rarely apart, I almost always see them together.”

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Maxwell And Epstein Were The ‘Best Of Friends’

“Jeffrey and Ghislaine share many mutual interests and they have a lot of fun together,” it continued, adding that “they compliment each other really well.”

“On top of being partner’s [sic] they are also best of friends,” the note stated. 

While there is no confirmation of who wrote the document, eagle-eyed readers will notice the similarities between the user name “GMax” and “Ghislaine Maxwell.”

Epstein is alleged to have committed suicide in prison back in August of 2019 while awaiting trial on various sex charges. That claim – and the laundry list of strange events surrounding it, like a “litany of errors” by jailers and surveillance video of his jail cell “going missing” have prompted serious questions about that story.

Maxwell is currently on trial for allegedly grooming young girls for sex with Epstein and sex trafficking.

The 59 year-old has been in federal custody since July of 2020, with a judge denying her bail multiple times due to seeing her as a potential flight risk.

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Maxwell’s Trial 

CNN reported that prosecutors kicked off Maxwell’s trial last week by claiming that she and Epstein created a “pyramid scheme of abuse” by offering cash to underage girls.

Maxwell’s defense strategy so far appears to be that she is also a victim – that she is being used as a scapegoat for the late Epstein’s crimes.

“Eve was accused of tempting Adam with the apple. Women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men and women are often villainized and punished more than the men ever are. The charges against Ghislaine Maxwell are for things that Jeffrey Epstein did. But she is not Jeffrey Epstein,” Maxwell’s lawyer Bobbi Sternheim argued. 

It will certainly be interesting to see what other pieces of shocking information come to light as Maxwell’s trial continues. 

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