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Candace Cameron Bure rose to fame as a child star playing the role of DJ Tanner on “Full House” in the 90’s. These days the “Fuller House” and popular Hallmark actress is widely known as one of the few openly Christian conservative actresses in Hollywood, and though she’s famous for her positive attitude, that does not mean life has always been easy for her. 

In a recent interview, Candace Cameron Bure opened up about her struggles with an eating disorder, as she spent years battling bulimia. 

Candace Cameron Bure’s Eating Disorder

“It’s still today the most common comment that gets spoken to me is, like, ‘Wow, you’re so small! Wow, you’re thin!’ It was always … even as a child, like, ‘Wow, you’re a lot smaller in person than you look on TV. You’re so chubby on TV.'” Cameron Bure, 45, told Yahoo Entertainment.

“And, you know, when you hear those things over and over again, and they become so repetitive, it can often become your identity to an extent, or it makes you perceive yourself in a way that you didn’t even think you were, because other people keep speaking that into you,” she continued. 

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Candace Cameron Bure Developed Bulimia After ‘Full House’ Ended

Cameron Bure previously revealed to the world that she developed bulimia after the original run of “Full House” came to an end in 1995. 

“You know, today I’m great,” Cameron Bure said. “I think when you struggle with something like that, it never goes away, but you have the tools in place to know how to handle it when those temptations or urges arise … so that you don’t go back to old patterns. And I’m sure that’s gonna be the way it will be for the rest of my life.” 

For the sake of her 23 year-old daughter Natasha Bure, Cameron Bure is thankful that the world today is more accepting of different body images than the one that she grew up in was.

“I’m so glad that the culture is different today. One thing we’ve done a great job with is encouraging body confidence, body positivity and that all shapes and sizes are beautiful,” she explained. “It makes raising a daughter — and sons — but a daughter, that much easier, because we have great role models and the message across the board from the media and magazines is very different than it was, you know, in ’80s and ’90s.”

Here’s a look back at Candace Cameron Bure as DJ Tanner on “Full House” through the years:

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Hallmark Star’s Advice To Her Younger Self

Though Cameron Bure has positive memories about growing up in Hollywood, the one thing that she would go back and tell her 10 year-old self is to believe in herself more. 

“I don’t know how you tell your 10-year-old self to have more confidence and not listen to what other people say to you,” she said. “I think, like, I’m still learning that at 45 years old, but that’s what I would want to tell her, is like, ‘Don’t worry about everyone else’s opinion. Just be you, and you’re good enough.”

God bless Candace Cameron Bure for continuing to be so open about her life and her struggles, and for being one of the few Hollywood stars that young girls everywhere can actually look up to. Her message should be shared wide and far!

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