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Former “American Idol” winner Scotty McCreery is paying tribute to country music icon George Strait with his new song “Damn Strait.” A true fan, McCreery hopes that the man he calls the “king of country music” will like his song.

Here’s a teaser video that Scotty McCreery tweeted last month for his new song “Damn Strait”.

Scotty McCreery On George Strait: ‘He’s The King Of Country Music’

“He’s the King of Country Music,” McCreery said, according to CMT. “Hopefully, he enjoys this one if he hears it because I sure love singing it. It’s an ode to him all about (his) classic country heartbreak songs. I’m sure he’s heard tribute songs before. For me, what’s not to love? He’s the King. I sure hope he likes it.”

Prior to the song’s release, McCreery made it clear that he is a huge fan of Strait.

“Every now and then you hear a song that sounds so much like you,” McCreery said in a press release back in September. “I grew up as a huge George Strait fan, and when I heard this song, I raised my hand to say, ‘I want this one.’ Every country fan has a George Strait story, and everyone has a memory attached to their favorite songs.” 

“The first country music concert I ever went to was George Strait, Reba and Lee Ann Womack.,” McCreery added. “When I saw that show, I said, ‘I’m gonna do that one day.’”

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‘Damn Strait’ Lyrics 

Lyrics of “Damn Strait” include: 

“Nobody in His right Mind Would’ve Left Her / That was her favorite song / She sang along every time it came on / The first time we danced was to Marina Del Rey / And I fell right there and then / I didn’t want that song to end / Baby Blue was the color of her eyes / I can still see them in my mind / Probably will for the rest of my life.

Damn Strait, you’re killing me, man / You know I’ve always been your biggest fan / Now I can’t even listen / ‘Cause I’ll get to missing her / Then the hurt gets worse / Damn Strait, I used to love your songs / But now every time that one comes on / My heart gets broke in half / But do I wish I could get her back / Damn Strait.

The other day right out of a Blue Clear Sky / You came on in my truck / I couldn’t turn it off fast enough / I tried to get back in the game / But this ole heart just ain’t the same / Hell I can’t even Give It Away.

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Fans of Scotty McCreery and legend George Strait alike will love ‘Damn Strait’. Give it a listen:

Scotty McCreery Is On A Success Streak

If “Damn Strait” makes it to the top of the charts, it will be McCreery’s fifth No. 1 hit, with his last one being “You Time.”

This level of success is still something that is hard for American Idol alum to fathom.

“It’s been an amazing ride these last few months,” McCreery said. “Getting ‘You Time’ up there on the charts is always an amazing feat. I remember a time not too long ago where I just wanted one. That was my biggest goal in country music. (This) is nuts to me.”

That being said, McCreery is being careful not to count his chickens quite yet.

“My college team that I love in sports, every time I get excited, they disappoint me,” he said. “So I just work hard, assume nothing and enjoy the ride.”

Fans have quite literally watch Scotty McCreery grow up since his days on “American Idol.” We love his song “Damn Strait,” and we hope that it’s the huge hit he’s hoping for! 

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