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Sir Rod Stewart On The Secret To Marriage And His Issue With Daniel Craig

Music icon Rod Stewart, out with his album 'Tears of Hercules', reflects on the secret to his marriage to wife Penny ... and Daniel Craig.

Rod Stewart, a knight and one of the best selling music artists of all time, is 76 and going strong. The sultry crooner is still touring and banging out hits after over 50 years in the business. This month, Stewart debuted his 32nd studio album, the Tears of Hercules, featuring all-new songs, a departure from his recent trend of covering standards. While promoting the album, Rod Stewart has opened up on his marriages, sex life, and the costs of fame.

Rod Stewart On Finding Love 

A notorious lothario, Stewart spent much of the 70s and 80s in a drug and sex-fueled bender that gave birth to some legendary stories.

But the former Faces lead singer and father 0f eight is now 15 years married and a much more stable man than he used to be. 

What is Rod Stewart’s secret to his lasting marriage to Penny Lancaster? Intimacy.

“I’m not talking about sex, but a kiss and a cuddle and a hold,” he says. “Penny and I do that every morning. We hug each other — sometimes in bed, sometimes out of bed, all throughout the day. It’s a wonderful relationship. Lucky geezer, aren’t I?”

The road to Penny was a tough one. Stewart met his future wife after the end of his tumultuous marriage to model Rachel Hunter. Friends thought Stewart was moving on too quickly, but he was ready to move on and says Penny helped to “mend his heart.” 

Sir Rod at least has a sense of humor about his multiple relationships. Stewart once quipped about his three marriages: 

“Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and just give her a house.”

In addition to three marriages and multiple relationships, Stewart is the father of eight children ranging in age from 42 t0 10.  

It is good that Stewart could slow down and become a family man even in old age. It is never too late to get on the straight and narrow.

He seems to be having fun in his old age. Here he is with Kelly Clarkson singing and making chicken.

Rod Stewart On Daniel Craig & Fame

Stewart has been an icon for nearly seven decades. So he knows a thing or two about fame. Speaking about the perils of fame and lack of privacy, the “Maggie May” singer was quick to attack James Bond actor Daniel Craig for his professed love of solitude.

“Well, why the f*** did you come into this business?

Stewart showed his appreciation for fans and why he always stops for an autograph or photo.

“Those are the people who put you where you are, who gave you everything.”

I appreciate Sir Rod’s devotion to his fans.

However, I don’t mind celebrities who want their privacy. Your fame doesn’t mean you’re at everyone’s beck and call, and you should be able to go out and enjoy the world in peace no matter who you are. 

Then again, I have a strict “never-talk-to-a-celebrity” policy unless conversing with them comes up in everyday conversation. 

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Rod Stewart can still wow the audience and performs like a man half his age. Maybe I’ll take my mom to see him on his next tour.

Let’s end this not with one of his hit songs but with his fantastic model train collection:

What’s your favorite Rod Stewart song? And be sure to share this for the love of the fans!

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