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Former Fox News Host Megyn Kelly just blasted Colin Kaepernick and is accusing him of being “racist” for his “bullish*t propaganda” documentary. 

Earlier this week, we reported that  the “woke” former San Francisco 49ers quarterback had compared the NFL to slavery in his new Netflix documentary “Colin In Black & White.”

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Kaepernick Compares NFL To Slavery

Check out the comparison Kaepernick made for yourself below.

None of this sat well with Kelly, who didn’t hesitate to call Kaepernick out.

Kelly Sounds Off On Kaepernick 

“Colin Kaepernick, he and I have had some Twitter dust-ups,” Kelly began. “I mean, he’s insane. This is a racist guy. He really is a racist guy, and he hates our country. He hates America. So alright, it is just another day that Netflix gives this guy his own special. And I’m like, ‘well, I guess it’s going to be about how racist America is.’ Turns out it’s how racist Colin Kaepernick is.”

After playing the clip that we included above, Kelly said, “Who made him show up to the NFL Combine? To compare that willing and usually dream come true moment for an NFL football player to slavery? How does this wind up on Netflix?”

“The absurdity to compare what he willing went through — and by the way, I’m told in his role as former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers his deal as wound up being worth $43 million — to being a slave is a real F-you America moment,” Kelly concluded. “I think it’s an F-you Colin Kaepernick moment. I can’t believe somebody at Netflix didn’t get up and walk their asses out over this bullsh*t propaganda about our country, the NFL, White people in general. This is outrageous.”

Here’s Megyn Kelly:

Kelly isn’t the only member of the media who was brave enough to call out Kaepernick for this.

Outkick founder Clay Travis also let loose on Kaepernick for this while appearing on Fox News yesterday. 

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Kaepernick’s Brain Is ‘Broken’

“Even the people who defend Colin Kaepernick are starting to wonder what in the world has happened to this dude’s brain?” Travis said. “It is totally broken. This is an organized written documentary with a script. This is not like some college lecture, where people are just talking off the cuff and sitting around coming up with Mad Libs racism edition.”

Travis went on to say that it is an “incredible honor to get invited to the Combine and that White, Black, Asian and Hispanic athletes would absolutely crawl all over themselves to go…because it gives you an opportunity to make millions of dollars playing football, something that almost no one can make in their 20’s – no matter what their profession is.”

“Even people who are defending Colin Kaepernick are looking around like ‘man, you are an imbecile and anyone at this point, who defended Colin Kaepernick has to feel like they were used, because this guy is a scam artist,” Travis concluded. “He should be ashamed of himself.”

In comparing an industry in which players make millions upon millions of dollars to slavery, Kaepernick may just have taken things too far this time, even for some liberals.

This may end up blowing up in Kaepernick’s face to the point where he is no longer able to make millions off shaming our country and dividing Americans along racial lines. 

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