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This Throwback Photo Of Dolly Parton’s Husband In A Dolly T-Shirt Has Fans Over The Moon

Dolly Parton shared a rare photo of her camera-shy husband, Carl Dean. This country music couple has been married for 55 years.

Dolly Parton has a husband. Supposedly. Parton’s husband, businessman Carl Dean, shuns the spotlight and never accompanies Parton on the red carpet or to events. Despite going by “Dolly Parton”, Dolly has stated her legal name is in fact, Dolly Parton Dean

So it was quite a surprise when Dolly herself shared a photo of the camera-shy Dean. The photo, while 40 years old, is one of the few confirmed photos of Parton and her husband.

The photo features a young Carl Dean and Dolly holding hands, with Dean wearing a photoshopped version of a vintage t-shirt Dolly has for sale.



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Who is Dolly Parton’s Husband, Carl Dean? 

Little is known about Carl Dean.

He ran an asphalt company in Nashville and is reportedly retired. Dolly jokes he has only seen her perform once.

There are very few pictures of the two together, with most being decades old when the couple was younger and before Dolly’s fame.

Carl Dean isn’t even a country music fan.

Inspiration for Jolene

How great is Dolly Parton’s love for her publicity-shy husband? So great that the mere thought of a woman flirting with him inspired her to write “Jolene.”

According to Parton, the song was inspired by a young bank clerk who flirted with a young Dean. Her insecurity and worry brought about maybe the greatest jilted love song ever. 

If you haven’t heard the song in a while, here you go — plus you can see Dolly taking aim at a red-headed Jolene look-alike in the audience! Priceless.

Can you imagine trying to steal Dolly Parton’s man and then having one of the most famous songs of all time written about it? 

In 8th grade, I had a girl write a poem about me breaking up with her. It was devastating. Not because she wrote it, but because of how bad it was. Her rhyming “Hunter” with “a sunder” was so embarrassing. Now imagine if that girl was Dolly Parton. I would have to pull a Carl and hide away forever. 

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Why Dolly Parton’s Husband Shuns The Spotlight

I completely understand why Dolly Parton’s husband doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. His wife is a country music superstar. A living legend.

The relentless pressure that comes with fame is not for everyone, even for people who want it. 

Personally, I wouldn’t be able to handle the constant attention. There’s something peaceful about knowing you can walk into a store and no one will hound you. You can see why celebrities go nuts with the constant pressure of fame and fans.

Share your favorite Dolly Parton memory in the comments below? 

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