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Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback turned Nike promoter / far-left activist Colin Kaepernick draws comparisons between the NFL draft and training camp and being a slave in his new Netflix special. Needless to say, the inflammatory comparisons were not well received.

And yes, you read that correctly. The unemployed quarterback went there and now heads are exploding.

Colin Kaepernick Compares NFL To Slavery In Netflix Special

Kaepernick made this comparison in “Colin in Black & White” to depict the league’s draft process and training camp.

“What they don’t want you to understand is what’s being established is a power dynamic,” Kaepernick said in the special. “Before they put you on the field, teams poke, prod and examine you searching for any defect that might affect your performance. No boundary respect. No dignity left intact.”

The show then cuts to a line of black actors portraying NFL prospects who morph into slaves at an auction with shackles on them. White slave owners can be seen bidding on the men and whipping them.

“Look at this here! Come on! Who wants this?” the auctioneer shouts.

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Former NFL Safety Fires Back

Former NFL player Jack Brewer fired back by slamming Kaepernick for making this ridiculous comparison.

“This new Colin Kaepernick doctrine that’s penetrating the minds and hearts of so many of our underserved Black kids across America is the single largest threat to Black men in the United States of America because right now folks are thinking that they’re victims and they’re living in the most prosperous, the most opportunity of any country in the world,” Brewer told Fox News

“You have kids that are hopeless and then you go out and push this mentality and you’re supposed to be someone that’s a leader,” he added. “Think about the movement that this guy started, the opportunity that he had that he could actually come and promote positivity to young Black men. Telling them how great this country is.”

“He doesn’t have that spirit in him,” Brewer concluded. “He has an evil, anti-American spirit and it’s sick and disgusting. One more thing. That even Netflix, someone that big and popular would even put something out like that, to penetrate the mind of these kids should be illegal.”

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Others Lash Out At Kaepernick

Others took issue with Kaepernick’s analogy as well.

“How dare @Kaepernick7 compare the evil endured by so many of our ancestors to a bunch of millionaires who CHOSE to play game,” Utah GOP Rep. Burgess Owens, a former NFL player, wrote on Twitter.

“Colin Kaepernick compares the NFL combine, which allows all players of all races a voluntary chance to become multi-millionaires, to slavery,” added radio host Clay Travis. “Anyone still defending this imbecile lacks a functional brain.”

The left has made Colin Kaepernick into some kind of “woke” martyr, and they worship everything that he does.

His latest comments show just how out of touch he really is, and it’s sad that leftists continue to give him such a huge platform to spew his nonsense. 

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