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Green Bay Packers quarterback and Jeopardy! host Aaron Rodgers may have won the biggest football game of the season so far on Thursday night, but that didn’t save him from becoming an overnight viral meme after he was snapped with his helmet going all catawampus in a hilarious photo.

The reigning MVP QB went from almost quitting in the off-season to leading the Packers to the best record in the NFL. On Thursday Night Football, Rodgers led the boys from Lambeau to a huge victory over previously undefeated Arizona in a game that was fraught with intense moments.

However, very few people are talking about the game’s massive playoff implications. Instead, the attention seems to be on Aaron Rodgers taking a monster hit that almost knocked off his helmet, creating a hilarious photo. 

What the meme doesn’t show is that Rodgers lost his helmet in the midst of throwing a crucial touchdown. The Cardinals defense knocked him to the ground but it didn’t matter. The veteran QB still managed to land the TD.

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Rodgers ended the night completing 22 of 37 passes for 184 yards and two touchdowns. He ran for 3 yards and was sacked once. 

The Internet Reacts To Aaron Rodgers Off-Kilter Helmet 

Once the photo of Aaron Rodgers falling to the ground with his helmet half off made the rounds, the internet went nuts. Here are some of the best reactions.


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The Star Packers Quarterback has a Great Sense of Humor

Rodgers himself got in on the action, enjoying some of the funny memes and photos

Say what you want about Rodgers, but the guy certainly has a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself. The veteran makes fun of himself on the field, off it, and in State Farm commercials.

Aaron Rodgers May Be a Jerk, but He Wins

This might anger some people, but I’ve never been the biggest Rodgers fan. There are myriad stories of him being difficult to play with and current and former teammates have issues with his “selfish” attitude. But the reality is that he wins. He’s one of the best QBs in the league and 15 years into the league, appears to be playing as well as ever.

We grade athletes too harshly when it comes to “likeability.” Likeability is not a fair way to judge anyone and is often a bad way of judging how someone actually is. Rodgers certainly has mountains of charisma, good lucks, and brains. But is he tough in the locker room? Sure. Is it because he wants to win? Yes. That’s all the matters. 

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t committed any crimes and isn’t a bully. He just has a high standard and sometimes people can’t make it. Personally, I wouldn’t go about it the way he does, but I’m also not an elite athlete.

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