Megan Rapinoe Breaks Her Silence After Women’s Soccer Coach Paul Riley Accused Of Sexual Abuse

Megan Rapinoe goes off on "men" in wake of sexual abuse claims against prominent women's soccer coach Paul Riley of NC Courage.

US soccer star Megan Rapinoe has broken her silence after prominent North Carolina Courage coach Paul Riley, who led his women’s soccer team to back-to-back NWSL championships in 2018 and 2019, was accused of sexual coercion and misconduct in a bombshell report that came out last week.

Megan Rapinoe Goes Off Following Paul Riley Sexual Abuse Allegations

OL Reign captain and “woke” activist Megan Rapinoe is railing against “men” and calling for heads to roll following a bevy of sexual abuse allegations against NWSL coach Paul Riley.

“Men, protecting men, who are abusing women,” Rapinoe tweeted in response to claims that women’s soccer clubs had enabled Riley’s abusive ways by staying quiet.

“I’ll say it again, men, protecting men, who are ABUSING WOMEN. Burn it all down. Let all their heads roll.”

“To everyone in a position of power who let this happen, heard it & dismissed it, signed off on this monster moving to another team w/zero repercussions, F*** YOU,” Rapinoe added on Twitter. “You’re all monsters, & can ALL hand your resignations in immediately.”

Sexual Abuse Claims Against NC Courage Coach Paul Riley

Megan Rapinoe’s scathing post followed a report published in The Athletic containing the results of an investigation where they spoke to a dozen players coached by Riley since 2010.

Riley was fired by The Courage the same day that the report came out last week, according to The Guardian.

Sinead Farrelly, one of Riley’s players, claimed that he coerced her into having sex with him. And, that he forced her to kiss one of her fellow players at his apartment.

You can watch player Sinead Farrelly share more on her personal experience with women’s soccer coach Paul Riley in the video below.

Thus far, Riley has reportedly only denied “the majority” of claims leveled against him in The Athletic’s report.

NWSL commissioner Lisa Baird released a statement saying that she was “shocked and disgusted to read the new allegations,” and that she would be reporting the case to the US Center for SafeSport.

“The Courage support the players who have come forward and we commend them for bravely sharing their stories,” an official statement signed by “the players, staff and principal owner” of the NC Courage read.

“The North Carolina Football Club is united together in our commitment to creating a safe, positive and respectful environment, not only within our club but across the league and our great sport.”

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Players Association And Megan Rapinoe’s Teammates Respond

The National Women’s Soccer League Players’ Association released a blistering statement of their own.

In it the association asserts the league lacked “basic and fundamental protections that ensure dignity at work”. They also state that “players demand greater control over their lives and careers.”

“Words cannot adequately capture our anger, pain, sadness, and disappointment,” the NWSLPA said. “To the players who suffer in silence, know that the [NWSLPA] holds a safe space for you.”

Alex Morgan, one of Megan Rapinoe’s Team USA teammates, also commented on the situation. Morgan said, “I am sickened and have too many thoughts to share at this moment. Bottom line: protect your players. Do the right thing NWSL.”

It remains to be seen whether or not women’s soccer coach Paul Riley will face any legal repercussions for the sexual abuse allegations contained in The Athletic’s report.
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