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Between the explosive tell-all interviews Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been giving, and the sex scandal of Prince Andrew, the British royal family has had more than its fair share of drama over the past year.

Now, a royal expert is speaking out to reveal how Queen Elizabeth’s “strong religious faith” has helped to get her through this trying time in her family. Find out more about what the Queen herself has said about her faith in the video below. 

Queen Elizabeth ‘Has A Strong Religious Faith’

“She has a strong religious faith,” royal author Matthew Dennison told Fox News of the 95-year-old monarch. “One of the things that the Queen has done is pray throughout all of this. She also has a loyal, supportive group of private secretaries, ladies in waiting and devoted friends who have been a strong system around her. She also has the support of her close-knit family.”

“She finds it difficult to confront difficult issues,” he added. “I think she has gotten better over time.”

Dennison recently wrote the biography “The Queen,” which explores the monarch’s nearly 70 years on the British throne. He was surprised during his research for the book to find how much of a role faith played in the Queen’s life.

“She has a connection with the divine,” he explained. “She is a monarch who made a promise before God to fulfill her duty. And it’s a promise she has taken very seriously in her life. Even as a young woman, she has faced an overwhelming expectation on what kind of queen she should be… She has embraced that role.”

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In her 2017 Christmas message, the Queen showcased her faith to the world by referring to Christ as “my guiding light.”

Queen Will Never Abdicate, Dennison Says

As for whether the Queen has ever considered stepping down and abdicating in the wake of the death of her beloved Prince Philip earlier this year, Dennison says there’s no chance of that happening. 

“There wasn’t ever a realistic expectation that the death of the Duke of Edinburgh would lead the queen to abdicate,” the biographer shared. “In the very few times she has spoken about it to her close friends, she has always been quite clear that the promises she made in her coronation are binding.”

“These are promises she made to God in the church,” Dennison continued. “These are holy promises. She’s always said she would abdicate only if she got Alzheimer’s disease, a stroke, or something that would leave her incapacitated in some way. But this role is for life.”

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She Always Puts Duty First

Dennison is hoping that his book will show the world that the Queen is someone who always put duty first, which is something we can all learn from. 

“There was one thing that was clearly understood, certainly in Britain,” he said. “When the queen came to the throne in 1952, [her goal] was not to be a celebrity. It wasn’t to be a film star. It’s not that kind of role. The dominance of celebrity culture nowadays has made it difficult for people to differentiate between royalty and celebrity.”

“The queen herself has always very clearly distinguished between those things,” Dennison concluded. “I hope readers will get a sense of the joy she has taken from this lifelong calling and the contribution that she has made to the life of the Commonwealth.”

We’re glad to see that the Queen has been leaning on God during the difficult times in her life, and that her faith has given her the strength to be the incredible monarch that she continues to be today! 

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