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Cancel Culture will get you no matter where you are, even if you’re dead. A thread on Reddit is now attempting to cancel dead celebrities for their alleged transgressions. No one is safe – even late greats likes Christopher Plummer and Ray Charles are modern day targets.

Why are we obsessed with constantly trying those for alleged “crimes” committed long in the past? 

The problem with cancel culture is that it doesn’t understand that while society does change, not everyone in society changes at the same pace.

We talk about people’s words and actions from the past and put them into a modern context. But it’s not apples to apples when you measure a past word or action against a modern social or cultural standard.

Some celebrities being targeted are indeed guilty of terrible things. While the inclusions of others on this list is more surprising. 

Here are a few of the dead celebrities who made the Reddit list: 

Christopher Plummer

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Yes, Captain Von Trapp himself is now a bad guy.

Why may you ask? Because he admitted in a book to having dark thoughts about women.

While dark thoughts are cause for concern, there is no evidence that Plummer ever acted on or even pursued these thoughts.

What is the proper punishment for a thought crime? Who is not guilty of the occasional dark thought?

As far as we know, Plummer’s biggest mistake might have been documenting that which others would keep private.


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What are the Purple One’s terrible crimes? He was “difficult to work with.”

Yes, that’s it. Prince was known to be an obsessive workaholic and perfectionist, and apparently, that rubs people the wrong way.

Prince is far from the only diva to ruffle feathers and will certainly not be the last.

If you ask me, trying to “cancel” someone because he demanded a lot of people he worked with is just another sign of how weak we’ve become as a culture. Ridiculous.

Ray Charles

Ray might have had Georgia on his mind but not the bevy of alleged illegitimate children he fathered.

Charles is said to have fathered 12 children and refused to acknowledge many of them until later in his life.

Not being a father to your kid is not okay. So why would Ray Charles father so many children and not acknowledge them?

It’s hard to say but we are talking about a time before paternity tests were so prevalent. Maybe Charles felt people were out to take his money. 

No matter the reason, it’s tough to let that one slide.

Some Celebrities Deserve To Be Canceled

Are there celebrities who deserve to be stripped of their fame and fortune? In my opinion, the Reddit list includes a few names who are 100% worthy of cancellation.

  • Former Senator Ted Kennedy’s drunk driving led to the death of a woman. He remained in the Senate for decades.
  • James Brown was the hardest working man in show business and allegedly physically abused and assaulted multiple women, including his wife.
  • Hugh Hefner was, believe it or not, known to be a scumbag to the women he dated.

Is Cancel Culture Going Too Far?

It’s clear that cancel culture is out of control.

When public figures can be stripped of their livelihood for simply thinking thoughts we disagree with and not doing actual harm to a person, then we’re pretty clearly over the line.

Instead of instantly attacking people, why not approach them with grace?

Often when someone says something that comes off as mean or hurtful, they’ll apologize. And if they’re trying to be funny, we should consider the lens.

Some people believe off-color humor can help to break down barriers and challenge prejudices. While others just find them offensive.

If words are so powerful, how about we use them to express ourselves instead of trying to silence others?

Is Cancel Culture out of control? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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