900 year old sword

An amateur diver just made the most incredible discovery off the coast of Israel. The man discovered a 900-year-old iron sword that experts believe is from the Crusades.

Just imagine: you’re SCUBA diving. The sun is out and there’s just a light breeze but nothing is obscuring the aquamarine water. You can see all the way to the bottom. And what do you come across? An ancient sword.

More via CNN.

The amateur diver spotted the sword and other ancient artifacts on the seabed off northern Israel, according to a statement from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) published Monday.

The artifacts included anchors and pottery along with the real treasure: a sword measuring a meter long and made of iron which the antiquities expert says is “preserved in perfect condition and is a beautiful and rare find.”

Initial examination of the sword suggests it is from the Crusades:

The sword was found 200 meters (656 feet) from the shore, at a depth of four meters (13 feet), Koby Sharvit, director of the IAA’s Marine Archaeology Unit, told CNN on Tuesday.
Its size and shape suggest it belonged to a Crusader, as does the fact that it was found just a few kilometers from Atlit castle, a Crusader fortress, Sharvit added.

While this finding is pretty incredible … I just have one thing to say: THROW IT BACK INTO THE SEA!

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Why Would Anyone Think Disturbing This Sword Is Wise?

While experts are pointing to the Crusades, I can’t help but think this ancient sword looks more like the possession of some vanquished ocean god. I mean, it did remain perfectly preserved after 900 years at the bottom of the sea.

Look at all those barnacles, that weapon was meant to battle dolphins and giant squid. Will the discoverer now become the Ruler of the Seas?

Whoever wields it now will have all of his powers, but will also face the ocean god’s greatest wrath. 

If I haven’t made my personal position clear, I would not have touched this thing. Clearly, someone buried the sword in the ocean for a reason.

My best guess: that reason was probably to prevent the unleashing of some terrible destruction upon our world. 

Or perhaps, the sword is a weapon for good? The last 900 years of humanity have been rocky, to say the least.

The Black Death, Industrial Revolution, and Paris Hilton. Haven’t we suffered enough?

Perhaps this ancient sword and the person most worthy to wield it will bring balance and justice to earth. 

Man Who Discovers Ancient Crusader Sword Given Certificate

Clearly, the man who discovered this sword off the coast of Israel wasn’t worthy as he gave it up for a lame certificate:

But more likely than not, I’m sure as soon as someone tries to clean it, the sword will crumble into dust. 

What do you make of this ancient sword discovery? Sound off in the comments.