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On Tuesday’s episode of the ABC talk show “The View,” leftwing cohost Joy Behar had a full meltdown over the law in Texas that effectively bans abortion in the state.

Behar went so far as to say that the law means that we need to “worry about the Taliban in America,” whom she believes are Republicans.

Whoopi Goldberg Sounds Off

“Last week the Supreme Court allowed Texas law to go into effect that bans abortion after six weeks and allows citizens to snitch on anyone that gets an abortions,” began cohost Whoopi Goldberg, who proceeded to lash out at Christians who believe that abortion is wrong:

“This makes no sense. It’s a very hard Christian thing for me. If you believe in me as a Christian parent, then I will know what’s best for my child. If my child has been raped or molested, allow me to take care of my child and my family.

Y’all don’t want to put masks on, but you want me — it’s not even whether you agree with abortion. Sunny doesn’t really agree with abortion, but she understands that everybody’s life is different. They make no provisions for anyone.”

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Behar And Sunny Hostin Chime In

“What kills me is the snitching that goes on,” a visibly upset Behar chimed in to add, even though nobody had addressed her. “What are we in Düsseldorf 1943 now? It’s like. ‘Oh, I’ll get $10,000 to snitch.’”

“Whoopi is right. I am personally against abortion. I think it’s a sin. I think that it is morally wrong. It’s against my faith,” Hostin said, before bizarrely agreeing with Goldberg’s attack on other Christians.

“But I agree with you, Whoopi, in the sense that I see this hypocrisy coming from the Christian right among people like myself who say that abortion is wrong and say it’s about the sanctity of life, yet they’re so supportive of gun ownership,” she said. “They’re supportive of AR-15s. They’re supportive of the death penalty. They’re supportive of never-ending wars.”

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Behar Comes Unglued 

That’s when Behar really started to come unglued. 

“They also don’t care after the kid is born. Then they drop you like a hot rock,” Behar said, going on to add, “This is about woman. This is hatred of women.”

“They’re worried about the Taliban and the Taliban and women,” she concluded, according to The Wrap. “Worry about the Taliban in America cause that is what these guys are all about.”

Behar and her fellow liberal cohosts spend their days on “The View” vilifying conservatives, with Christians being a favorite target. It’s no surprise that this is how they would respond to the new abortion law.

What’s shameful is the fact that ABC continues to give someone like Behar a platform to spew this kind of hateful rhetoric against the millions of Americans who are simply against murdering unborn babies. 

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