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The hit sitcom Seinfeld is debuting on Netflix on the 1st of October. After bouncing around streaming services for few years, the iconic “show about nothing” comes to Netflix in a deal worth $5oo Million.

As part of the show launching, creator Jerry Seinfeld is making the media rounds.

The show is nearly 30 years old but still has millions of loyal fans (including me). When asked if he would change anything about the show, Seinfeld gave the following answer:

“There’s a number of them that I would love another crack at, but I don’t really believe philosophically in changing or even thinking about the past,” 

Seinfeld didn’t give away what he would change but did admit to never watching his show.

“I don’t watch the show,” he said. “How often have you pulled out your high school yearbook?”

This is a sentiment I agree with. I can’t even look at old pictures of myself or old home movies. If I was ever on a TV show, I don’t think I could bear to watch it. 

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While Seinfeld was coy with what he would change, I, as a certified Seinfeldologist, have a few ideas on how we could go back and improve the show. 

I wouldn’t change any of the jokes or references. Yes, most of them are firmly rooted in the 90s, but so many jokes are timeless.

No show quite captured the absurdity of living like Seinfeld. Never before had a show built itself around four fundamentally not-good people.

Audiences didn’t like them for how they were, but for what happened to them and how they, as flawed characters, reacted to it.

So many shows have tried to copy the paranoia and neurotic nature of the four main characters. I don’t think anyone has come close. 

But still, there are a few parts of the classic show that could use some fine-tuning. 

The Seinfeld Series Finale

It is universally agreed upon that the Seinfeld series finale was meh to quite meh. At best, it was a fan-service highlight real of some of the best bit characters. At worst, it was a lazy rehash of old jokes.

Instead of pulling at our memories, Seinfeld should have ended just as it began, with Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer sitting at the coffee shop, talking about nothing.

Not every show needs a pretty bow on the end, and putting the cast in prison felt like a jump-the-shark moment.

More Newman

hello newman gifs | WiffleGif

Newman, played brilliantly by Wayne Knight, appeared in 48 episodes of Seinfeld, the most of any character with speaking lines.

While we got involved with a few of his schemes and shenanigans in the later seasons, I feel like we never really got to KNOW Newman. 

Where is he from? What were his interests, other than annoying Jerry? 

Bring Back “SeinfeldVision” 

Ok, this wasn’t on Seinfeld. But it was for another great comedy show, 30 Rock. In season 2, NBC executive Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) gets the brilliant idea to digitally insert Jerry Seinfeld into various television programs to boost ratings.

Take a look:

Can you image Jerry on Grace & Frankie, Stranger Things, or Squid Games?

What’s your favorite Seinfeld episode? Let us know in the comments below. 

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