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Megan Rapinoe, who is known for being the Colin Kaepernick of women’s soccer, led her team to win a bronze medal for the United States on Thursday. In the wake of this, former President Donald Trump has spoken out to slam the team for submitting to the radical left.

Check out highlights from the U.S. Women’s Soccer team’s match against Australia in the Olympics below:

Trump Trashes Rapinoe And Her Team

“If our soccer team, headed by a radical group of Leftist Maniacs, wasn’t woke, they would have won the Gold medal instead of the Bronze,” Trump said in a blistering statement, according to Insider. “Woke means you lose, everything that is woke goes bad, and our soccer team certainly has.” 

“They should replace the wokesters with Patriots and start winning again,” he added. 

Trump also specifically called out Rapinoe, trashing her as “the woman with purple hair,” and saying that she played “terribly.”

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Trump Celebrates Women’s Soccer Team’s Loss

Last month, Trump celebrated at a rally in Arizona when the women’s soccer team lost a match in a humiliating way to Sweden. 

“Wokeism makes you lose, ruins your mind, and ruins you as a person. You become warped,” Trump said at the time. “You become demented. The US women’s soccer team is a very good example of what’s going on.” 

“Earlier this week they unexpectedly lost to Sweden, 3-0, and Americans were happy about it,” Trump added as the crowd cheered.

This isn’t the first time the former president and soccer star have had a conflict. 

In 2019 when a reporter asked her if she was excited to go to the White House if they won the World Cup, she responded with foul language:

And, President Trump responded with a tweet saying “Megan should WIN before she TALKS.”

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Rapinoe Speaks Out

Rapinoe was quick to celebrate her team’s victory on Thursday.

“We found that joy,” Rapinoe said afterwards, according to USA Today. “We found that freedom. And we just settled into the game early, which is great.”

Even so, Rapinoe’s disappointment at not being able to go for a gold medal at the Olympics was evident.

“We just didn’t have our juice. Making simple mistakes, I think, and overthinking it a little bit,” Rapinoe said. “Eventually we’ll have to do the debrief and figure out why we played five bad games and had one good game in the tournament.”

Rapinoe has made a name for herself as a radical liberal, and she regularly spoke out against former President Trump during his time in office.

She enjoys leading her team in taking a knee during the national anthem in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, something that offends Trump and the millions of patriots who voted for him. 

Rapinoe has yet to respond to Trump’s latest remarks about her and her team.

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