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A royal biographer who was also a friend of the late Princess Diana says Diana would be “disappointed” and “quite upset” if she were alive to see the rift between her sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

Diana Would Not Like Her Sons Feuding 

“Obviously like any mother, Princess Diana would have been very disappointed and quite upset [over the alleged feud]. She’d be working towards a reconciliation,” Andrew Morton, who worked closely with Diana on the 1992 book “Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words,” told Fox News.

The bombshell book was based on tapes that Diana recorded herself and delivered to Morton in secrecy.

The rift between William and Harry reportedly formed over Meghan Markle prior to her marriage to the younger brother.

“William was quite concerned that the relationship had moved so quickly,” claimed royal expert Katie Nicholl. “And being close to Harry, you know, probably the only person close enough to say to Harry, ‘This seems to be moving quickly. Are you sure?’ And I think what was meant as well intended brotherly advice just riled Harry.”

“Harry is hugely protective of Meghan,” she added. “He saw that as criticism, he interpreted that as his brother not really being behind this marriage, this union. And I don’t think things have been quite right ever since.”

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Rift Between Brothers Escalates

Royal biographer Robert Lacey has revealed that things got even worse between the brothers after claims were made that Meghan was bullying royal staffers.

According to Lacey, William confronted Harry over Meghan’s behavior, and a “fierce and bitter” argument ensued between them.

William has reportedly told friends that this left him feeling “hurt” and “betrayed” because he’s always felt it was his duty to protect his younger brother.

“Harry, for his part, was equally furious that William should give credence to the accusations against Meghan, and he was fiercely combative in his wife’s defense,” Lacey alleged. 

Despite all that has happened, Morton said that Diana would have supported Harry moving to California with his wife and children. 

“I think she would have applauded his move to the west coast of America,” Morton explained. “She was spending a lot of her time in America as well. Towards the end of her life, she was looking at houses to buy in Malibu. She felt California was a place of openness and possibility, not only for herself but for the boys.”

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Diana Could Have Prevented This Feud

Morton also said this entire feud likely would not have happened if Diana were alive because she would have sat Meghan down and given her a frank talk about how to navigate life as a royal.

“The thing that I’ve learned over the years is that it looks easy,” he said “It’s not very difficult to become a member of the royal family. But it takes years to become comfortable within the role, especially as a woman in the public eye. William’s wife, Kate Middleton, had love and encouragement from a supportive household, but it also took a long time for her.”

“Marrying into the royal family comes with rituals, traditions and rules,” Morton added. “You have to learn all this stuff before you can make a significant change. And even then, it will always come with challenges. Loyalty always belongs to the crown. That’s something not only Diana, but every woman in the House of Windsor had to learn as they carved out their own identity.”

Diana tragically died in a car accident in 1997 at the age of 36.

On Thursday, which would have been her sixtieth birthday, a statue will be unveiled at Kensington Palace in her honor. William and Harry are both expected to attend the event. 

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