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Earlier this week, we reported that singer Macy Gray blasted the American flag as racist and offensive while also calling for it to be redesigned. Now, the “I Try” singer is speaking out to say that she was shocked to receive backlash for this from Republicans.

In an op-ed for Market Watch last week, Gray slammed the American flag as “tattered and divisive.” She also said it had been “weaponized” by the Capitol rioters in January, and that many Americans no longer want to salute it. 

Gray Claims She’s A Proud American

Despite this, Gray insisted to Daily Mail that she is “absolutely” a proud American who loves her country (you have a funny way of showing it, Macy.)

“I never said that I didn’t like my country. I love it here. I never even said I didn’t like the flag! I said it was confusing and represents something else,” she said. “The present flag is about 60 years old now. I personally don’t see like what the tragedy is… it’s inevitable. It’s going to change.”

Gray went on to say that she is planning to contact lawmakers to make her flag change happened. That is, as soon as she can figure out who she needs to call.

“That’s my next step…I didn’t know it was going to go like this – I thought I would put this up and people would send me ideas like, Macy what if there was a triangle or a rainbow,” she said. 

“I thought people would want to be a part of this new design. That was really what I thought. I know people will think I’m crazy but I really didn’t see all this crazy stuff coming,” Gray continued. “That was my next step. I was going to start reaching out to people who can actually make it happen. I haven’t been online much. People have sent me stuff but I haven’t really read too much of the reaction.”

Here’s a snippet of her interview with MailOnline.

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Gray Designs New Flag 

Gray then explained that she came up with a design for a new American flag with a “government artist” who wishes not to be named.

“I came up with it with the actual designer who wants to remain anonymous. He’s a really prominent artist and I looked him up and found an article he’d interviewed for,” she said. “I called the writer and she sent the number. He’s a different kind of artist. He works for the government, that’s all I can say. He really does not want to be… He wants to stay out of it. He has his reasons.”

Gray believes that the current American flag has been ruined because it was used in the Capitol riot. 

“I think just what it symbolizes now,” she said. “We all saw it used as a weapon at the insurrection a lot of people held that point of view, that the government should be overturned and that Ted [sic] Pence should be hanged.”

You can listen to some more of Macy Gray’s reasoning right here:

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Gray Ends Her Rant

Since the meaning of the flag has changed in her mind, Gray does not see a physical change as a huge deal.

“I know there’s more people that enjoy the flag for the right reasons but just the fact that it has been used as a symbol of hate and it has been weaponized. The flag has been violated and its meaning has changed,” she said. “I’m just saying I think it’s time for it to change. It’s a message. Does it fix America and stop crime and save all the babies?”

“No,” Gray concluded. “But it lets everybody know that we’re all equal so every time you go to a baseball game and you pledge allegiance, you see yourself.”

Here’s hoping that this anti-American continues to get the tons of backlash that she deserves for this. 

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