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You may not recognize Johnny Gilbert by sight, but if you’re a “Jeopardy!” fan, you certainly know his voice! He is the legendary voice Of ‘Jeopardy!

Gilbert Opens Up About ‘Jeopardy’

In a new interview, Gilbert is opening up about his career working as an announcer on the beloved game show. At 92 years old, he’s showing no signs of slowing down!

But first, check out this fun video of Gilbert joking that he and the late, great Alex Trebek had outlasted everyone else on “Jeopardy!”

Sadly, Trebek passed away back in November at the age of 80 following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Gilbert Struggles With Trebek’s Death

Gilbert told Fox News that staying with Jeopardy! after Trebek’s death was a difficult decision for him. It would mean having to announce various guest hosts’ names in his good friend’s place.

“It’s not easy for me because I worked with Alex for 37 years, and I never thought of anybody replacing him,” he said. “Nobody can do it like he did it, you know.”

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It turns out that nobody can do it like Gilbert can either, which is why he decided to tough it out and stay with the game show. Of course, the program’s production team is thrilled.

“If you just listen to the way Johnny articulates each name, each word, he has a voice and even more importantly, delivery, unlike anyone else,” explained Mike Richards, the show’s executive producer. He added that without Trebek, “the fact we can still rely on Johnny is obviously very important to us as well.”

Every episode of the show opens with Gilbert’s booming voice exclaiming, “This is ‘Jeopardy!’”

Throughout COVID-19, he’s been taping his announcements from the Los Angeles home that he shares with his wife, Sheree Gilbert.

Johnny Gilbert With ‘Jeopardy’ From Day One 

Gilbert has been with “Jeopardy!” since it premiered in 1984. He was hired for the show along with Alex Trebek by Merv Griffin. 

“So 37 years ago, Merv hired me to be the announcer on a show called ‘Jeopardy!’ for 13 weeks,” he recalled.

In 2017, Gilbert received a certificate from Guinness World Records for being the longest-running announcer for a single game show ever. 

Take a look at this:

Aside from being the show’s announcer, Gilbert also served as the warm-up host for the studio audience. He’s doubts he’ll return to those duties when taping resumes for season 38 this summer.

“I’m not as young as I used to be,” Gilbert said. 

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Richards, however, made it clear that Gilbert will only ever step down from any of his duties if that’s a decision he makes himself. The show does not intend to let him go.

“Johnny will be the announcer of ‘Jeopardy!’ as long as he would like to be the announcer of ‘Jeopardy!’” Richards said. “I have told him that, and it’s just how he is, humble. He’s never taken the job for granted.”

Here’s hoping that Gilbert will continue working on “Jeopardy!” for many years to come!

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