Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson presidential run
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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson told People Magazine that it is a “humbling honor” to have people ask if he is considering launching a presidential run in the future. He added that while he is “not a politician,” such support forces him to “humbly and respectfully stand up, listen, and learn.”

He was just named People’s top Reason to Love America.

Johnson Talks Potential Presidential Run

The wrestler-turned-Hollywood star said, “I love our country to my core and I’m endlessly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had here, as a half-Black, half-Samoan kid being able to work my ass off knowing tenacity opens doors. In a lot of ways, I’m indebted to our great country for it.”

Johnson went on to admit that he is “not a politician nor did I ever have political passions, and quite frankly I’m not sure I even have the patience or resignation to deal with the B.S. that comes with politics and politicians.”

“But when 46 percent of Americans say they’re in favor of me becoming president, that forces me to humbly and respectfully stand up, listen and learn,” the former WWE star continued, inadvertently admitting that he doesn’t even have a majority of Americans’ support for a presidential run.

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Johnson Endorsed Biden

Johnson endorsed Joe Biden last year, and though he claimed that he is a “political independent & centrist” during the endorsement, he described the current president as a “certified bad***.”

Johnson Supports Black Lives Matter

Johnson has also been an outspoken supporter of the radically liberal group Black Lives Matter.

“Where is our leader at this time, when our country is down on its knees begging, pleading, hurt, angry, frustrated, in pain?” he said last year, clearly referring to then-President Donald Trump. “We must say the words Black Lives Matter.”

“That’s who I am. I am a man who is frustrated, I’m disappointed, I’m angry but I’m also doing my best to stay focused and as calm as I can possibly be in the pocket, to make the best decisions for my family and make the best decisions for our country,” he added. “So as we continue to wait for that leader to emerge, I recommend to all of you that we must become the leaders we’re looking for.”

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Though he claims to be a centrist, Johnson admitted that he cried after Biden won the election last year.

Johnson has never really elaborated on his views on hot-button issues like gun control, immigration, and abortion, but we can certainly bet that he falls much more left than any true “centrist” would on them.

Here’s hoping that Dwayne Johnson doesn’t run for office, because the last thing we need is a leftwing celebrity in power. 

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