Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson made a touching tribute to his close friend, Paul Walker, on what would've been his "Fast and Furious" co-star's 46th birthday.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a touching tribute to his close friend, Paul Walker, on what would’ve been his “Fast and Furious” co-star’s 46th birthday.

The Rock’s Friendship With Paul Walker

The Rock rarely speaks publicly about the sudden loss of Paul Walker in 2013.

“I prefer to keep our memories and bond private and quiet,” he wrote on Instagram. “But something about today compelled me as a moving reminder of how fragile life is for all of us.”

“It’s Paul’s birthday,” he continued, “and rightfully so, his legacy celebrated around the world.”

The Rock shared that his and Walker’s closeness was forged through their love of fatherhood.

“Our friendship was bonded over our daughters, Meadow & Simone,” he revealed, “and the pride and protection we took being their fathers.”

Paul Walker’s daughter

Walker’s daughter, Meadow, also commemorated her father’s birthday in a sweet Instagram post.

“Happy birthday to the loveliest soul I’ll ever know,” she wrote on Instagram next to a photo of her and her dad.

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happy birthday to the loveliest soul I’ll ever know

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Meadow, 20, was just 14 when her father, whom she lived with at the time, passed.

Paul Walker’s tragic death

On November 30, 2013, Walker and his friend Roger Rodas were at a fundraising event for Walker’s charity in Santa Clarita, Calif.

The pair left the event in Walker’s Porsche Carrera GT, with Rodas behind the wheel.

Rodas lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a lamp post and two trees. The crash caused the sports car to burst into flames.

Both Rodas and Walker died and their bodies burned beyond recognition.

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Kevin Hart’s car wreck

In his post, Dwayne Johnson also touched on the recent close call for comedian and actor Kevin Hart.

“And recently, I got a scare when I almost lost another friend on the road,” he wrote. “All this stuff got me thinking about how beautiful, yet wildly unpredictable life is.”

On September 1, Hart was riding as a passenger in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. The driver, friend Jared Black, lost control of the vehicle. The Barracuda careened off the road and down an embankment.

The “Secret Life of Pets 2” star and Black were both hospitalized with severe back injuries. Hart has since been released to recuperate at home.

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As with Walker’s deadly crash, officials say alcohol was not a factor.

But Hart’s wreck, happening so close to Walker’s birthday, clearly shook The Rock.

“We never know what’s around the corner,” he reflected in his post. “So we gotta live as greatly as we can in the honor of our loved ones and ancestors who are no longer with us.”