WWE Monday Night Raw Fails To Create Meaningful Television
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WWE Monday Night Raw is in trouble as the brand fails in creating meaningful television. Unfortunately, this reflects in fan reactions on social media as well as viewership ratings.

Just Bad Or Worse?

WWE Monday Night Raw fails to procedure meaningful television

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

It is not the first time WWE Monday Night Raw failed to produce meaningful television. However, it is the first time the trouble continues weekly.

In the past, we had some bad segments. Of course, the most obvious one is the “Bayley This Is Your Life” segment.

While the brand did make some mistakes in the past, they have not done so for a prolonged period. In fact, even casual viewers are being put out by the weekly product.

There have been many signs the WWE is in trouble, and not just with Monday Night Raw. The most obvious sign was the large number of releases over the past two years.

In the past, the WWE created some smashing television when under pressure. But now, these brilliant moments seem to be missing completely.

One of the main complaints of fans is a lack of creativity where storylines are concerned. On top of that, the WWE does not seem to be interested in bringing creativity to Raw either.

Since WrestleMania 37, everything has gone downhill even more. Just look at some of the repeated programming on Raw since WrestleMania.

After WrestleMania, the Viking Raiders made their return. However, the week after they returned again and had once again a match against Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin.

So, where is the brand going?

No Red Thread

Alexa Bliss

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Another big problem the WWE had for some years now is a lack of red thread in storylines. This seemed to be getting even worse during the coronavirus pandemic.

The storylines in the WWE do not seem to be connected at all. It all leads to a single match, no further consequences.

Naturally, fans are no longer invested to see feuds and how they work out. After all, there are no repercussions for anything that is currently going on.

Of course, there has been one storyline that has been going on, but once again without repercussions. Remember how Miz and Morrison took a serious loss at WrestleMania?

While Miz and Morrison took a loss, things went ahead as normal after WrestleMania. If anything, the loss has not impacted their momentum at all.

Bad Bunny was only in the WWE for a short amount of time. And now, nobody is talking about him anymore.

So, what was the point of this blown-up storyline and the loss suffered by these two wrestlers? The short answer to the question is absolutely nothing!

Contrary to AEW, losses have absolutely no bearing on programming within the WWE. So, what is the point in having feuds or matches in general when there is nothing coming from it?

WWE’s A-list is also remarkably thin. In fact, some of the big names have been released these past two years, leaving us with the same people on programming over and over again.

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