Samoa Joe Medically Cleared
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Samoa Joe had a crazy week, but was Samoa Joe medically cleared before he got his WWE release? Also, Rhea Ripley roasts a racist for comments against her other half.

Samoa Joe Medically Cleared?

We know Samoa Joe is out of WWE…but was Samoa Joe medically cleared before he was released?

Samoa Joe Medically Cleared

Source:custom, WWE Screenshot

It’s a big question, especially now as people will be speculating if Joe ends up in AEW…and if so, would he land there in the ring?

It was just a week ago where news broke that Joe was no longer a part of the WWE announce team. However, as details emerged, it was made clear by WWE that Samoa Joe was still part of their talent roster.

That wording made people begin to wonder…was Samoa Joe medically cleared? Could we be close to seeing the Samoan submission specialist back in a WWE ring?

Things seemed to be trending that way…or at least, many were optimistic that that was going to happen.

However, on April 15th, for the second year in a row, WWE made a significant number of roster cuts. This year did not cut as deep as the 2020 cuts…but Samoa Joe was among them.

So, was Samoa Joe medically cleared at the time of his WWE release?

According to Fightful, Joe was still not cleared. The former Superstar has been out of the ring since suffering a concussion in a stunt for a commercial.

According to the report, it seems that may have contributed to decision to release him.

Samoa Joe had expressed a desire to wrestle again, and without being cleared, WWE was content keeping him as an announcer.

You can understand both positions, and if neither side was budging, a release seems to be the best for all involved.

It’s unfortunate that Samoa Joe seemed so snakebitten during his run on the main roster. For now, he will have to revive his career elsewhere.

Rhea Ripely Roasts Racist

Rhea Ripley is on a roll this week, where she started by winning the RAW Women’s Championship. It wrapped up when Rhea Ripley roasts a racist, and with good reason.

Ripley is dating Demetri Jackson, who just so happens to be black.

rhea ripley roasts racist

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Sadly, even in 2021, some people feel like that’s taboo or worse, and social media has given every person with an opinion-no matter how bad-a platform.

Apparently, over the years the couple have been dating (since 2019), Ripley has had to shoot down quite a few idiots.

Here’s the latest time Rhea Ripley roasts a racist.

As bad as social media can be for giving any person with a bad view an amplified voice…it’s good to see strong voices shoot them down.

Whether you like what someone does or you don’t…it’s their life and their choice. We don’t all have to get along and agree with everything everyone ever does.

What we should do, however, is be nice people to one another. Be accepting, be friendly and kind.

Life is too short to get on Rhea Ripley’s bad side…