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Candace Cameron Bure Recounts Embarrassing Diva Moment – Says She’s Not Perfect

The actress Candace Cameron Bure just admitted that she lashed out a baker in a diva moment, saying that she's not perfect.

Candace Cameron Bure of “Fuller House” fame is known to fans as one of the kindest celebrities out there. She’s open about her devout Christian faith and a proud wife and mother. At the end of the day, the Hallmark actress is still human like rest of us and can have a bad day.

Bure herself recently spoke out to own up to the fact she is not perfect, and that she’s even had a few diva-like episodes herself as a Hollywood celebrity that she’s not proud of. 


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Candace Cameron Bure Opens Up About Her Diva-Like Moment At Bakery

Bure recently told Vogue Mexico that she once had a moment where she became one of “those celebrity,” the kind that we’ve all heard about and everyone despises. 

“I remember going to a store to buy a birthday cake for Natasha (his daughter),” said Bure, 44. “I didn’t reserve the cake, I just walked into the store and said to the receptionist, ‘I need a cake, now!’ He replied: ‘We don’t have any, but we can do it for you tomorrow.'”

Instead of staying calm, Bure found herself going off on the innocent baker. 

“I got upset, I panicked, it was my mistake, and I started telling him that I couldn’t believe I didn’t have any cake, that I would never go back to that place, that it was a disaster, and I left. Afterwards, I felt so bad because it was not a kind reaction, I was unpleasant, I was frustrated and I realized that it was not the person’s fault, but mine because I did not reserve the cake.”

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Making Things Right

Many people, especially celebrities, would have just stayed away from this bakery and never gone back to apologize.

Bure, however, decided that she needed to own the mistake and make things right with the person she’d treated unfairly.

“The next day, I drove to the store, and the same person who attended me was there,” Bure recalled. “I said, ‘Hi, I was here yesterday, and I want to offer an apology because I was not nice . I shouldn’t have exploded with you. Please, I beg your pardon.’ His eyes widened, and he replied with an ‘Ok ..’, I think it was such an unexpected reaction.”

We’re all a work in progress and Bure is no different.

“And yes, I make mistakes all the time, but when I do, I honestly try to go back and correct them when I can, because I always remember that that will be the last impression anyone will have of me,” Bure continued.

“Whether I’m at work, ordering coffee, or at home, the last thing I say or do is what people will take from me. Therefore, it is a constant reminder to be as kind as possible. Despite not having a good day, it’s something I work on all the time.”

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Doesn’t This Make You Love Candace Cameron Bure Even More?

Even if Bure did have a diva-like moment, the fact that she owned up to it at the time and then retold the story publicly shows that she really is the down-to-earth star we all know her to be.

The reality is that even those of us who are not celebrities make mistakes and have diva-like episodes at times

So we can all learn a lot from how Candace Cameron Bure checked herself and her own behavior. 

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