When Dolly Parton Sings ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ She Touches Your Heart

Dolly Parton defied New York by singing "Mary, Did You Know?" on "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" from Nashville instead of the Big Apple.

Dolly Parton is getting rave reviews for her performance of “Mary, Did You Know?” during the annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center that kicks off the season with the lighting of the iconic Christmas tree. True to her country roots, Parton performed the religious song from Nashville rather than New York City. 

Christmas music can really get us in the spirit of the season. And while many singers focus on the secular songs, Dolly Parton proudly sings religious songs.

She is a rare entertainer who wraps her Christian faith into her performances and she brought this Christian song to a national audience. 

Dolly Connects With People 

Dolly doesn’t bend to pressure. Known for her kindness, talent, and faith, she is unashamedly herself even in front of a very secular audience. 

And the audience loves her:

She touched many:

She looked gorgeous in her sparkly white dress as she sang about the song that asks Mary if she knew how her newborn child Jesus would change the world forever. 

“Mary, Did You Know?” is a moving song that many Christians appreciate. It’s also on A Holly Dolly Christmas, Dolly’s first Christmas album in 30 years. 

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You can watch Dolly’s emotional performance of “Mary, Did You Know?” in the video below. 

Christmas Movie And Album

While many of us are having a low key holiday season because of the pandemic, Dolly has been very busy. In addition to her new album, she also has a Christmas special on Netflix. The country legend plays an angel on Christmas On The Square

This is a particularly special movie as it not only includes Dolly Parton but also Christine Baranski.

The “Jolene” singer plays an angel while Baranski is a bit of a tyrant. The Broadway and TV star’s character is a bitter, wealthy older woman who returns to her small hometown after the death of her father.

In typical Dolly fashion, she helps melt Baranski’s character’s ice cold heart in time for Christmas.

Christmas In The Square has religious undertones, particularly forgiveness, which is important at any time of the year but especially so at Christmas. 


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“If you go around with a bunch of hate and anger and bottled up stuff in you, you can’t blossom, as a person, you’re not doing yourself any favors or anyone else. It’s just so much better to forgive,” Dolly says. 

“I really think that that’s so important to cleanse your own heart and your own soul, to be able to forgive and to ask forgiveness,” she continues. “You never should be too proud to ask for forgiveness.”

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