The liberal elites of Hollywood spent the past four years declaring Donald Trump to be an illegitimate president, and whining that Hillary Clinton was the real winner of the 2016 election. So it’s nice to see Academy Award-winning A-lister Matthew McConaughey step up to weigh in and remind America yet again that he’s not your typical, out-of-touch Hollywood elitist.

Ever since the media declared last month’s presidential election for Joe Biden, however, Hollywood lefties Alyssa Milano and Chelsea Handler have done a complete 180. They went from declaring 2016 election results a sham to belittling or shaming any Trump supporter who dares to question 2020 election results. 

But now it seems at least one big Hollywood name has had enough.

Matthew McConaughey Calls Out Liberal Elites Of Hollywood

Interstellar actor Matthew McConaughey is calling out his fellow Hollywood stars on their hypocrisy when it comes to accepting election results. And for their condescending attitudes towards Trump supporters in general.

While McConaughey appeared on the podcast Under The Skin on Friday, host Russell Brand asked him if he had noticed a “condemnation and criticism of ordinary working people” by leftists. 

“[There is] a kind of offhandedness, like, ‘Oh, they’re dumb, they’re voting for Brexit, they’re voting for Trump.’ I don’t like it, and I don’t like to hear it,” Brand continued.

Ever a voice of reason, the Texas native held nothing back with his response. 

“There are a lot [of people] on that illiberal left that absolutely condescend, patronize, and are arrogant towards the other 50 percent,” replied McConaughey.

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Matthew McConaughey Blasts Hollywood Left’s Hypocrisy

The former Dallas Buyers Club star proceeded to criticize some of his fellow Hollywood stars for their behavior when it came to accepting the results of the 2016 election. 

“I’m sure you saw it in our industry when Trump was voted in four years ago, they were in denial that was real. Some of them were in absolute denial,” McConaughey said.

He added that after the way that Democrats behaved in the past four years, never accepting Trump’s win, it’s only natural that Republican voters would do the same thing now. 

“[Now] it looks like Biden’s our guy,” McConaughey said said. “Now you’ve got the right that’s in denial, cause their side has fake news. And I understand, they’ve been fed fake news. No one knows what the hell to believe, right? So they’re putting down their last bastion of defense.”

His Own Personal Political Beliefs

As for McConaughey’s own personal politics, he believes that the moderate route between the Republican and Democratic parties is the way to go.

The actor and family man made it clear that he’s sick and tired of seeing radicals on both sides controlling their respective parties and dominating the national conversation.

“I almost feel like it’s a move to say, ‘Let’s get aggressively centric. I dare you.'” he said.

Hollywood is so blatantly controlled by radical liberals these days that it’s rare that a star is brave enough to speak out against the left in any way.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to see an A-list Hollywood star like McConaughey calling out his fellow actors for their hypocritical and condescending behavior! 

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The liberal elites of Hollywood are so out of touch with reality that they can’t relate to working class Americans. We’ve had enough of them telling us how to live our lives and who we should be voting for.

Hopefully Matthew McConaughey’s call for reason will catch the ear of his Hollywood peers.

It’d be amazing to see more celebrities take a page out of his playbook. Hollywood elites attempting to understand and empathize with regular Joe’s who might think differently from them.

That’d certainly be welcome respite from current efforts to mock and demean millions of conservative patriots in this country.