On Friday, Tim Allen expertly trolled the radical left by tweeting a 172-year-old quote from The Communist Manifesto that had modern liberals scrambling in response.

Allen, of “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” fame, is one of the few actors in Hollywood brave enough to poke fun at liberals. And, in this case, he spotlighted the trouble with their current agenda.

Tim Allen Trolls Progressives With The Communist Manifesto

“Finally an honest progressive position: ‘…short-term demands among them a progressive income tax; abolition of inheritances and private property; abolition of child labor; free public education; nationalization of the means of transport,’” Allen wrote on Twitter.

“Guess who wrote this.”

Allen later let his fans in on the secret of who said this, doing so in multiple tweets because of a misspelling.

“Carl Marx. Communist manifesto. Wikipedia,” Allen wrote before correcting the spelling of “Karl” in another tweet.

Radicals on Twitter were, of course, quick to show their true colors in response to Tim Allen’s tweet.

These aren’t good ideas they’re great ideas

— Memento Hikikomori (@StellarBoor) November 13, 2020

Its a karl marx quote and all of those things are good

— ? Lucas (@LucasCosolo) November 14, 2020

Whoever it is, sounds like he had a lot of good ideas that we should follow and teach in our universities

— ee ramone (@bizmarkiedesade) November 13, 2020

I’m not sure what your point is, all these things sound great

— Four Seasons Pizza (@TheEpicDept) November 13, 2020

‘We Just Don’t Make Fun Of Stuff…Except Liberals’

Tim Allen’s sitcom “Last Man Standing,” which is ending after its upcoming ninth season, is one of the only shows on television that dares to make fun of the left.

“We just don’t make fun of stuff… except liberals,” Allen recently said of the show, according to Fox News. “Just whatever the button is to push, we like to push that button. It’s right now that the tender stuff is what…  what do they call it, snowflakes? Whatever that PC, correct — we like pushing that a little bit.”

Just after Trump was elected president in 2016, Allen spoke out to call out Hollywood liberals for how “hypocritical” they are when it comes to the Republican leader.

“What I find odd in Hollywood is that they didn’t like Trump because he was a bully,” Allen said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “But if you had any kind of inkling that you were for Trump, you got bullied for doing that. And it gets a little bit hypocritical to me.”

Tim Allen Discusses His Own Political Beliefs 

In 2018, Allen opened up about his own personal political beliefs.

“Politically I’m kind of an anarchist if you see my stand-up,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m for responsible government that actually does what we pay them to do. I’ve worked different jobs and I’ve had a colorful past and I pay a lot in taxes. I wish we got more for our money. Whatever political party is for more responsible use of our money — that’s all I meant.”

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“My political party is that I’ve never liked taxes, period, so whatever that means … I don’t like paying people who never seem to do what I would do with my money,” Allen added.

Hollywood has become so radically liberal that it’s refreshing to see someone like Tim Allen. A celebrity who’s still grounded enough to actually think for himself when it comes to politics.

If only we had more celebrities in the world like him!

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